High-Efficiency Gas Furnaces Starting at $95 Per Month


Gas Hookup Taken Care of for You!

Vertex Mechanical is partnering with UGI to encourage as many homeowners as possible to take advantage of clean, efficient natural gas through the GET Gas program. If you received a postcard from us, UGI has already installed gas lines to your development. That means you are eligible to participate in this limited-time offer.

The Facts About Natural Gas

So, what’s in it for you?

We’re Offering HUGE SAVINGS on High-Efficiency Gas Furnaces for as low as $95 Per Month!

We will bundle the monthly payment for your top-of-the line gas furnace with your gas connection fee for one, easy payment. That means you get access to natural gas and a high-power, high-efficiency furnace for a low monthly price!

Sounds good, but why should I choose natural gas?

Great question. Most people have only ever used electric for their heating and cooking needs. So, why make the switch now?

Because Natural Gas is MUCH cheaper, extremely versatile and makes cooking better — either on the stovetop or in the oven.

Let’s break that down

  • Natural Gas costs between 3 to 4 times less than electric — that especially adds up over the winter.
  • Natural Gas water heaters heat up faster at a MUCH lower cost.
  • Natural Gas can be used to power your home furnace, your stove, your water heater and your clothes dryer.
  • When cooking, Natural Gas stoves reach the desired heat quicker and cook more precisely — after all, the pro chefs unanimously choose gas for a reason.


Natural Gas

I like the sound of that, but what’s wrong with Natural Gas that you aren’t telling me?

We’ve heard all of the objections to natural gas: that installation takes too long and that your lawn will be ripped up. We’ve also heard that natural gas isn’t safe, and that the setup is too expensive to make it worthwhile.

But is it true?

  • The entire process of converting your system to Natural Gas will be finished in one to two days MAXIMUM.
  • Your lawn won’t be damaged by the installers. In fact, you won’t even be able to tell we were there.
  • Natural Gas is extremely safe. You’ll never smell the faintest trace of gas unless you’re cooking.
  • It’s true that the setup is costly — but the comfort and monthly savings offset this quickly!

Gas Flame

Meet Vertex Mechanical

Vertex Mechanical is Lancaster County’s premier HVAC and mechanical company. Although we service ALL types of heating and cooling systems, we advocate for clean, energy-efficient Natural Gas furnaces. In addition, all Vertex installed furnaces are made American and use American Natural Gas!

If you didn’t receive a postcard, then you unfortunately are not eligible for this promotion. However, Vertex still has a lot to offer you. Click here to learn more about our other great heating and cooling options.