Water Conditioning

Water Conditioning in Lancaster & Berks County PA

Soft Water You Can Feel

The benefits of soft water are hard to ignore. Soft water can prolong the life of appliances that use water, make skin feel softer and increase the life of fabrics. Vertex Mechanical specializes in providing installation and service to new and existing water softeners.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System

A reverse osmosis system treats your water through three different filters. Eliminating costly and burdensome bottled water, it stays hidden under your sink. Super convenient!

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Water Filtration, Iron/Acid Control

Having your water treated is not only smart but can save you money and potentially your health! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 1 million Americans become sick annually from microbiological illnesses linked to contaminated drinking water.

Recirculation System

A hot water recirculation system is a plumbing system that moves hot water to fixtures quickly without waiting for the water to get hot. Rather than relying on low water pressure, common in most water lines, recirculating systems rapidly move water from a water heater to the fixtures. If used properly, a hot water recirculation system can save you significant time and money. Talk with a Vertex professional today if you are thinking of installing a recirculation system in your home. Our experienced team will consult with you on the pros and cons of the system as well as the best practices in maximizing it’s efficiency.