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Air Filter & Filtration Services in Lancaster County PA

The air you breathe at home plays a significant role in your health — even though you might not expect it. Unchecked dust, pollens, and other indoor air pollutants can exacerbate symptoms for allergy and asthma suffers, while generally making your home feel less comfortable. That’s why Vertex Mechanical specializes in air filters, air filtration, and other air quality services.

While we are primarily known as a heating and cooling company, our technicians are also skilled in identifying indoor air quality issues and providing solutions, including installing home air purifiers. When it comes to protecting your home air quality, we do it all. Whether that’s replacing your home air filter or installing a whole house air purifier, we handle it.

Keep reading to learn more about how Vertex protects your home air quality — and schedule an air filtration consultation today.

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Installing Air Cleaners and Changing Filters

Mounted inside your HVAC systems, filters do the important job of pulling dirt and small debris out of the air. For most homeowners, regularly changing the air filters in your home is enough to keep the air healthy and clean. Although most homeowners do swap their filters on their own, Vertex Mechanical technicians are more than happy to change your air filters as part of a service call. Using the correct size air filter is also crucial to ensuring that your system is functioning properly. If you think you might be using the wrong size air filter, you can always have our technicians examine your system to find out for sure.

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While properly using standard filters is enough for most homeowners, in some cases, simple filters are not sufficient to clean the air in your home. This can be the case because of respiratory health issues of a family member or environmental factors related to your house. In this case, Vertex Mechanical recommends installing a heavy-duty home air purifier. The home air purifier that we install and recommend is called the Air Scrubber.

Air Scrubber: The Most Powerful Air Purification System

The Air Scrubber is rated as more effective than any filter or any air purifier that you can buy in a big box store. Mounted inside the duct work of your home, the Air Scrubber runs 24/7 to clean your indoor air. It accomplishes this by electrically charging the molecules in the air as they pass through the scrubber system and trapping them.

Compared to a standard home air filter, the Air Scrubber whole house air purifier is 50-times more effective at pulling harmful particles from the air. This has been shown to make a real difference for people suffering from allergies and asthma. In addition, the always-running home air purifier actually makes the air in your home smell fresher. And when you install one of these air filtration systems to clean the air in your home, you’ll notice a real reduction in the amount of dust around the house as well.

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Local Air Filter & Filtration Services

The same way that you rely on Vertex Mechanical to keep your air blowing and your heat running, you can trust us to safeguard your indoor air quality, too. Our skilled HVAC technicians will do everything from changing your HVAC filters regularly to installing a top-of-the-line home air purifier. Contact us today for an air quality consultation and for pricing on the Air Scrubber system.

At Vertex Mechanical, we’re all about doing the work to make sure your home stays comfortable on the hottest days, the coldest days, and every other day in between.