HVAC Services in Stevens PA

Heating & Air Conditioning Repairs in Stevens PA

Heating and air conditioning systems including HVAC units are an important aspect of a home or property. It is vital for a home to be properly heated during the winter, and is most comfortable with an ideal air conditioning system in the summer months. There are times however that an air conditioning unit or heating appliance such as a furnace, or water heater might need to be serviced. That’s when you should call Vertex Mechanical of Stevens, PA and we will help you with your service.

Before you decide to perform heating and air conditioning repairs yourself, you should be aware that the job is usually best left to a professional. A heating contractor is not only capable of performing repairs on standard AC systems and heating appliances, but HVAC systems as well. Vertex Mechanical are the professionals you can trust. We have a great reputation all over Lancaster County, just ask.

There are typically multiple signs that are apparent when either a heating unit needs to be repaired or AC service is required.

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Heating Unit Signs

  • Heat pump or gas furnace not heating like normal.
  • Pilot light on gas furnace continually going out, even though it has been cleaned.
  • Heat pump failing to maintain an adequate heating level.
  • Gas furnace either producing too little, or excessive heat.
  • Corrosion of gas furnace components, duct work or heat pump unit components.

AC System Signs

  • Failure to cool the home as expected.
  • Weaker air flow coming through the vents of the home.
  • Leaking water or moisture spots surrounding an AC unit; these can be signs of a corroded water line.
  • Musky or mildewy smells often indicate that a water-hose within the AC unit has been corroded; but can also mean that wiring insulation has been damaged or there may even be mold present within the ductwork of the AC unit, which is hazardous to your health.

When you consult with a professional heating contractor, they are completely capable of diagnosing and performing heating repairs, alongside AC service. A professional contractor will be able to identify the problem quickly and will understand which parts or components might be needed to perform repairs to either a heat pump system, AC unit, gas furnace or even an HVAC unit.