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Heating and air conditioning systems usually require little attention from you as they work quietly in the background to provide the comfort that you expect. The efficiency of your system may lead you to think that it never needs service, and it is easy to forget to schedule routine maintenance with a qualified HVAC contractor, like Vertex Mechanical of Reading, PA. In the spring, your system can benefit from a check up that includes an inspection of the coils and condenser, belts and bearings, fans and ductwork.

Meeting Your Needs Promptly

Responsiveness is a good measure that you can use in choosing an HVAC contractor that suits you. Problems with heating and AC service rarely occur at convenient times, and you need a contractor who responds promptly at any hour of the day or night. Vertex Mechanical is here to help.

Maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home is an important aspect of your heating and air conditioning system, but there are others that are equally important. Your family may include infants or elderly members whose health is directly affected by the air quality in your home. Anyone who has respiratory issues needs the assurance of a consistently operating air treatment system. You can find the responsive support that you require at Vertex Mechanical.

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Experience Counts

A heating contractor who has extensive experience in innovative technology can help you conserve energy and reduce utility bills. Our many years in the air conditioning industry have given us the opportunity to install state-of-the–art systems that are not understood by other heating contractors.

Our geothermal system captures energy that the sun provides. You can achieve a savings of up to 60 percent of the expense of conventional AC service. We are certified by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association, a non-profit organization that promotes the use of the most advanced technology in the industry. The system is endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, offering encouragement for the development of technology that meets your heating and cooling requirements without endangering the environment.

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Our full range of services assures you that we can handle any emergency or routine situation in your home. Sign up for our Comfort Shield Program and receive priority service and exclusive offers. We provide installation and maintenance for these components of your home: