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According to the Department of Energy, heating and air conditioning accounts for around 50 percent of household energy expenses. The secret to reducing energy costs in your Ephrata home or business lies in energy efficiency, and determining the least amount of energy needed to maintain a comfortable temperature in every season takes the skill of experienced AC service and heating contractors in Ephrata, PA.

Great HVAC heating contractors can recommend and install the most energy-efficient heating and air conditioning equipment available and can provide heating and AC service that keeps HVAC equipment operating at peak efficiency. The best technicians not only have the skills to fine-tune and repair a variety of HVAC makes and models but also stay abreast of the latest technological developments in the field, ensuring that new installations are the most energy-efficient equipment available on the market.

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Ephrata Heating & Cooling Contractor

The heating and cooling contractors at Vertex Mechanical receive ongoing industry training. We offer many state-of-the-art products like geothermal heat pumps that use heat from beneath the earth’s surface to keep your Ephrata home or business warm during cold-weather months, mini-split air conditioners that let you keep cool in the summer without installing ductwork and tankless water heaters that provide your home or business with an unlimited supply of hot water.

From radiant heat flooring to ductless air conditioning systems, innovative product installations feature the highest level of energy efficiency available on the market today. Over the last decade, the EPA has elevated requirements for energy efficiency. If your existing systems are eight years old or older, you may actually save money by installing a new heater or air conditioner.

The best heating and cooling contractors in Ephrata also offer stellar preventative maintenance for heating and AC systems, providing seasonal checkups that ensure your HVAC systems are running at top energy efficiency. Regular maintenance not only allows contractors to spot potential problems before they lead to costly repairs but also extends the system’s service life. That means that you’ll enjoy immediate savings in reduced monthly energy bills and enjoy savings down the line as well.

Whether you need a repair, maintenance services, a replacement or a brand new installation, look for professional technicians who are skilled in the latest methodologies and products. Turn to Vertex Mechanical today!