Choosing an HVAC Service Provider in Denver PA

Finding the best HVAC company in Denver, PA is all about reputation and trust. The HVAC contractor must be able to install, replace, repair and maintain an AC or heating unit. Do your due diligence and follow the guidelines below.

1. Look for a Company with Qualified Technicians

The leading certification for heating and air conditioning is called the North American Technician Excellence, or NATE. Companies with NATE employees will guarantee great customer service.

Technicians must be honest and professional. Inviting someone into the home is a privilege you can’t afford to make an error on. You need a technician you can trust. Look for companies that care about morals and ethics. Specifically look for companies and technicians who sell only the best quality equipment and won’t sell unnecessary equipment. The professional will dedicate his or her ability to providing a solution for your home comfort.

All heating contractors should be experts in any and all equipment installation. An added bonus is to ask if the person installing the air conditioning and heating unit is an authorized dealer of the same brand.

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2. Stick with an HVAC Company That Offers a Free Estimate on Replacements & New Installations

This will give you a comparison to use when you call other HVAC companies for their estimates. Compare the prices based on the same products, services, installation and additional fees. Vertex Mechanical offers free estimates on replacements and new installations.

Any questions or concerns should be answered. A good company will have a representative that will answer all of them. Get on the phone and start asking questions about the company, services and price.

Customer service is important. We give priority scheduling to our customers that are without air conditioning, and it’s usually the SAME DAY! We’re being told that some local HVAC companies are making people wait days for a service call. This is not the case at Vertex Mechanical! Call us if your AC isn’t working properly and we’d be happy to come out today to look at it!

3. Find a Heating & Air Conditioning Company That Offers a Satisfaction Guarantee

Companies also need to offer customers a warranty for parts and labor. If the business does not offer a satisfaction guarantee and a warranty for labor and parts, it’s best to avoid them.

Purchasing heating and air conditioning equipment is a big investment. Installation is something you cannot afford to tamper with. An air conditioning professional will assist you with the purchase, installation, and maintenance. These steps must be followed to ensure success in finding the most qualified and trustworthy professional to enter your home. Contact Vertex Mechanical today!