Heating System Tuneup

Heating Tune-Up

Professional heating tune-ups are a crucial measure to keep your heat running all winter long. Performed prior to the start of the winter season, a heating tune-up ensures that your heat pump, furnace, or boiler is ready to keep your house warm and cozy for months on end. If your primary heating system dies on a cold winter day, it can be an unpleasant and stressful experience. It’s one that catches tens-of-thousands of PA homeowners off-guard every year.

In addition to providing you the all-important peace-of-mind, tune-ups confer a wide variety of benefits such as a protection from breakdowns, energy-efficiency, and maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty. Read more about why heating system maintenance is a must-have for homeowners and why Vertex is the team to trust. Contact us now to schedule your heating system repair, installation, or maintenance.

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Heating System Experts Who Handle it All

The most common types of heating systems in Lancaster County are heat pumps, furnaces, boilers, and geothermal heat pumps. Vertex Mechanical employs heating contractors who install, repair, and provide all the different heating tune-ups on all of these systems.

  • Heating tune-up for heat pumps — One of the most common heating systems, forced air heat pumps, also double as an air conditioner. In order to prepare this system to heat your home over the winter, we do many of the same techniques as we do during an AC tune-up.
  • Heating tune-up for furnaces — Furnaces provide heat to your home by burning natural gas. This warms the air, which is then pushed throughout air ducts into the home. Since these highly efficient systems burn fuel to make heat, it is an important safety measure to have them inspected every year. As is the case with all heating system tune-ups, this procedure restores system efficiency and prevents the possibility of breakdowns.
  • Heating tune-up for boilers — Similar to a furnace, a boiler burns fuels to provide heat to your home. While furnaces heat the air, boilers heat water and use radiators to distribute the heat. A tune-up is an important part of maintenance that can ensure your boiler is running safely and will provide you heat all winter long.
  • Heating tune-up for geothermal heat pumps — Geothermal heating is a specialty of Vertex Mechanical. We are one of the few Lancaster County geothermal installers and as a result, we are one of the few experts capable of performing crucial geothermal heat pump maintenance.

Heating System Maintenance Benefits

Since losing your heat on a freezing cold winter morning is a stressful experience, preventing that is a crucial reason to schedule a yearly heating tune-up. Beyond just preventing massive system breakdowns, heating tune-ups also provide a variety of other secondary benefits.

Tune-ups offer the following benefits:

Increased energy efficiency — Gradual wear and tear on your equipment causes it to lose energy efficiency. However, during a yearly tune-up an HVAC expert can restore your system to factory condition, protecting your energy efficiency. The monthly savings alone can pay for the price of the tune-up.

Protect the manufacturer’s warranty — Since heating system manufacturers know that regular maintenance is crucial to their systems, they often mandate a tune-up in order to be able to use the warranty. Since the warranty can save you thousands in the event of an issue, it’s worth your while to protect it.

Increase the system’s lifespan — Not only does regular maintenance keep your system running better in the short term, it also extends the system’s longevity in the long run. This can save you a large heating system replacement bill.

Heating Tune-Ups in Lancaster & Berks County

Vertex Mechanical is the local HVAC company that performs heating tune-ups in Lancaster and Berks Counties. We provide a whole variety of crucial HVAC services for homeowners in South Central PA.

Since heating system maintenance prevents disaster and provides a whole host of other benefits, we always recommend this service to our customers. Contact us to schedule your heating tune-up now.