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Electrical Service Upgrades in Lancaster County PA

There are many older homes in the Lancaster area with electrical service panels that are not equipped for today’s electrical needs. Electrical systems decline over time and an older system can cause a number of problems in your home, including flickering lights, frequently tripped circuits and melted wires.

We will help with everything from start to finish, so you know you are getting the most reliable and efficient service upgrade possible. Our skilled technicians can remove and replace your existing electrical panel, repair old wiring, boost your amperage to 200 amps and properly ground your system to ensure safety.

At Vertex Mechanical, we take pride in both the appearance and functionality of the final product. A trusted name in southeastern Pennsylvania serving Lancaster, Berks, Chester and Lebanon Counties, our highly-trained technicians can serve all your electrical needs.

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Safe Electrical Service

Incorrectly rated wires and circuits can damage your home’s mechanical systems and electronics, creating a fire hazard. In fact, an outdated electrical system is both inefficient and dangerous.

An electrical service upgrade will better protect your home with a safe and reliable electrical system. A properly functioning electrical system is more energy-efficient, especially for HVAC equipment, since it allows the HVAC system to operate without interruption. Our Lancaster-based team has been performing these upgrades for years, we know all the ins and outs and we are here to help.

Enough Power for Your Needs

Amperage is a measure of the amount of electricity supplied to your home. A properly sized electrical system with sufficient amperage will allow your mechanical systems, electronics, and appliances to run smoothly and safely. Ensuring proper amperage by upgrading your system to 200 amps will ensure that you have enough power to meet all your electricity needs.

Surge Suppression to Protect Valuable Equipment

To further protect the lifespan of your valuable equipment, the Vertex Mechanical team can add surge suppression (also known as surge protection) to your home to protect you against voltage spikes that degrade your sensitive electrical equipment. In many cases, surge protectors on powerstrips alone do not provide adequate protection for valuable equipment.

The safest way to protect your home is with a whole-house surge suppressor. Vertex Mechanical can design a whole-house protection plan the fits the specific needs of your home.

One thing that all electronic devices have in common is that they hate power surges!