Youth Sports Night

Youth Sports Night at the Reading Phillies — sponsored by Vertex Mechanical

Youth Sports Night at the Reading Phillies is both an evening of great memories for young athletes — as well as a dynamite fundraiser for their Cocalico youth teams. Sponsored by Vertex Mechanical, and orchestrated by Vertex President Vincent Youndt, Youth Sports Night is one of the biggest events at Reading Phillies’ FirstEnergy Stadium — and is almost always a 7,900 seat sellout! An effective fundraiser for local youth teams and a night of fun for multiple generations — that sounds like a win-win or a double play.

Youth Sports Night at the Reading Phillies

This wasn’t always the case though. Eight years ago, before Vertex took over as the skipper of the event, little league baseball lost its sponsorship to take young players to see the Reading Phillies. Vince’s son was on the team at the time, and Vince thought it was a shame that the kids were going to lose a good opportunity to fundraise — and to enjoy a game. So that’s when he decided to do something about it.

“I thought this was a unique way to get involved in my community. I was in a position to do something, and I’m so glad I did,” Vince says.

Since Vince and Vertex Mechanical have been at the helm of the event, it has grown significantly. While players and coaches are able to attend the game for free, the biggest benefit of the event is that the young athletes are given discount tickets to sell, with the proceeds benefitting their teams. While the event started out for just baseball teams, it has become so successful that it now supports a wide variety of youth sports in the Cocalico School District.

The Reading Phillies organization also went out of their way to make this event a truly memorable night for the young athletes in attendance. Before the start of the game, kids get to enjoy playing catch on the field and carrying the flag for the national anthem. The night also offers special incentives to the young athletes who sell the most tickets. The athlete who sells the most tickets gets to throw out the ceremonial first pitch — and the runner-up yells “play ball” officially kicking off the game!

“It’s safe to stay they stepped up to the plate.” Vince jokes, “I am consistently really impressed with the Reading Phillies. There’s no doubt they are top notch.”

This is just one of the ways that Vertex Mechanical makes an impact in their local community. Support Youth Sports Night at the Reading Phillies and enjoy the game!