Community Give Back

At Vertex Mechanical we’re not just a local business because we serve the local community, but also because we are truly a part of it. Vertex Mechanical is a hometown business — not a national chain — so our focus is right here in Lancaster and the surrounding counties. Because we love seeing the local community flourish, we have volunteered our time, our professional services, and our resources to make it happen. Here is the growing list of local organizations that Vertex Mechanical is proud to have supported!

• Hinkletown Mennonite School
• Stevens Fire Company
• Ephrata Social Services
• Ephrata Re-Uzit
• Jans Circle of Friends
• TNT Youth Ministries
• Crossfire Youth Ministries
• On Fire Youth Ministries
• Real Life Ministries
• Reamstown Fire Company
Youth Sports
• Cocalico Baseball Organization
• Cocalico Swimming
• Cocalico Youth Soccer
• Ephrata Baseball Organization
• Cocalico Youth Basketball

Youth Sports Night at the Reading Phillies

This special night at the Reading Phillies serves as both a fundraiser for youth sports teams as well as a stellar event for the young athletes to enjoy. From playing catch on the pro field to earning money for youth sports, this is a winning evening for parents, children, and baseball fans alike. Read the full story of how Vertex Mechanical and the Reading Phillies stepped up to the plate for Cocalico Youth Sports.

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