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Why Am I Running Out of Hot Water During My Shower?

For many Americans, a nice hot shower is the perfect start to every morning — nothing else gets you ready to face the day quite like that. So when something cuts short your precious, balmy shower, you want to know why and what you can do about it. That’s why we’re breaking down the common causes your shower keeps running out of hot water.

At Vertex Mechanical, we’re a full-service home comfort company, focusing on HVAC, electrical, and plumbing. When customers ask us, “Why am I running out of hot water during my shower?” we have answers and solutions. In our latest blog we’re breaking down why you’re running out of hot water — and how we can help.

3 Main Reasons Your Shower Goes Cold

It really does put a damper on the day, doesn’t it? One minute you’re enjoying the warmth and the steam — the next, you’re feeling an icy chill. We’ve seen and fixed enough cases of people running out of hot water during a shower — and we’re here to help you, too.

In almost every case, the problem is with the water heater, not your shower. These are the 3 most common reasons your shower goes cold:

  1. Sediment Buildup — Hard water strikes again. Once upon a time, your shower was up to the task of providing you and your family with enough water. Now your shower goes cold quickly. What changed? After years of use, the hard minerals from your water build up in the tank limiting the space for heating and making the heating elements weaker. Depending on how much sediment has built up, you may be able to clean it out — otherwise you’ll have to replace it.
  2. Water Heater is Old — While nothing lasts forever, appliances that handle your water often have a particularly short shelf life. As your water heater gets older and weaker, you’ll notice that your shower gets cold sooner and more frequently. Generally, the longest a tank water heater will last is 10 years — so if you’re getting close to that mark, that means it might be time to upgrade. Heard a banging noise from your water heater? Read our blog to learn what it is.
  3. Water Heater is Too Small — Let’s say your water heater isn’t old, yet you’re still running out of hot water during your showers. Sometimes one of the main causes is that the water heater is just undersized for the amount of water being demanded of it. To prevent this, make sure you always work with a plumbing and water heating expert to match your heater size to your house.

Keep Your Water Heater (And Whole Home) in A+ Shape

shower goes cold

Running out of hot water during a shower is a miserable feeling for certain. In fact, when anything goes wrong in your house it’s no fun. That’s why Vertex Mechanical created the Comfort Shield Club.

This is our 100% unique total home care plan. When you’re a Comfort Shield member, Vertex Mechanical experts keep your entire home running smoothly, including the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. In fact, as part of our premier Peace-of-Mind package, you receive two water heater inspections per year, meaning you never need to worry about your shower going cold. Ask us all about the Comfort Shield Club — and put your mind at ease about everything that could go wrong with your house.

Running Out of Hot Water? Call Vertex Mechanical!

While Vertex Mechanical is primarily known for our expertise in heating, air conditioning, and air quality, we do it all! So if your shower is running out of hot water, we can help. Our skilled plumbers will inspect and repair or replace your water heater to ensure you can enjoy the peaceful shower you want and deserve.

The first step to banishing unexpectedly icy showers forever is a call to the experts at Vertex. Contact us today to request service for your hot water heater!

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