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6 Reverse Osmosis Filter Benefits

Imagine coming back inside on a sweltering hot summer day — maybe you’re just getting in from a jog or finally home after a long commute. The most soothing thing in the world is a tall, cool glass of water.

Nothing seems quite as pure and simple. Sometimes, though, there’s more to your water than meets the eye. Although public water is closely regulated, there are legitimate concerns about both illnesses and chemicals found in drinking water.

That’s why many homeowners are investing in powerful filter options — like the popular reverse osmosis filters. Learn why we ALWAYS recommend reverse osmosis filters to homeowners looking for the best home water filtration.

Reasons to Choose Reverse Osmosis

Installed out-of-sight, reverse osmosis systems use 3 separate filters to provide you with the purest water possible right at your kitchen sink.

For most homeowners, guaranteeing that they have safe water to drink — and safe water to cook with — is enough reason alone to upgrade to a reverse osmosis filter. Here are the six reasons we recommend choosing one of these powerful water conditioning systems:

1. Better Tasting and Smelling Water drinking water from kitchen sink

Taste is pretty subjective, but almost everyone agrees that water tastes better — and smells better — with all of the impurities filtered out. After all, most people tend to agree that bottled water tastes better. With a reverse osmosis filter, you’re bringing that level of water quality right into your kitchen.

2. Filter out Any Possible Bacteria or Viruses in the Water kids drinking healthy water

While your municipalities are rigorous about testing and filtering public drinking water, no system is perfect. In fact, the CDC estimates that over 1 million Americans become sick every year from drinking contaminated water. Adding an ultra-powerful reverse osmosis filter ensures that you drink healthy water every day.

3. Filter out Traces of Chlorination water with chlorination filtered out

As we mentioned, municipalities work extremely hard to kill germs and bacteria in the water supply. Big doses of chlorine is one of the ways they accomplish this — and that’s a good thing. However, that means traces of chlorine can end up in the water we use in our homes. Installing a reverse osmosis filter at your sink ensures that you never come into contact with that chlorinated water.

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4. Elite Quality Filters reverse osmosis water filter

How powerful are reverse osmosis filters? They are trusted by Dasani and practically every other bottled water company. You can use the same filtration technology as any bottled water giant in your own home.

5. Better and More Convenient Than Filter Pitchers woman pouring water from water filter pitcher

Not only are reverse osmosis filters an elite piece of water filtration technology that makes your water safer and tastier, they are also WAY better than the other options on the market.

While the price tag on a pitcher is appealing, it can’t measure up. The single charcoal filter in a pitcher can’t come close to matching the filtration power of the 3 reverse osmosis filters. Plus, having to continually refill your gallon pitcher is a hassle compared to having perfect water on tap at any time.

6. Less Expensive Than the Bottles water bottles at store

While a reverse osmosis filter is an investment in your home, it pays off in all of the money you save from not having to buy bottled water anymore. You can still enjoy the best quality water on earth whenever you want it, you just get it for free right at your kitchen sink.

Reverse Osmosis Filters Installed in Lancaster County

While Vertex Mechanical is best known for providing the expert heating and cooling that homeowners need, we are also a full-service plumbing company. As part of our mission to make your home the healthiest and most comfortable it can be, we install reverse osmosis filters and other water quality solutions.

The first step towards the best water possible starts with a conversation. Contact us to learn more about the advantages of a reverse osmosis filter — and to get your quote!

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