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Zoning: How It Saves Money & Keeps You Cool at the Same Time

Does your home suffer from an imbalance of temperatures as you travel from floor to floor? The reason is fairly simple to explain. When it’s warm outside the hot air rises into the upper floors of your home (an attic can go as high as 130 degrees) and pushes into the walls and ceilings making the rooms hotter. However your first floor, where the thermostat is typically located, remains cool because it is only absorbing the heat generated from the windows.

Because thermostats are positioned on the first floor, the ductwork needed to get from the register to your second floor is twice as long. So the first floor temperature satisfies the thermostat and shuts off the air conditioning before your second floor is sufficiently cooled.

Before throwing away money by lowering the thermostat, consider zoning your home’s temperature by installing thermostats on each floor. Zoning generally requires no additional ductwork and is easy to install in the majority of homes. Zoning works just as well during the winter months when finished basements can get quite chilly while the above ground floors remain warm.

Zoning will also help alleviate disputes with family members who have varying opinions on what temperature is best suited for their individual comfort levels. Better yet, a zone control system will reduce your energy bills by simply putting the heating or cooling where it is needed rather than where it is not. For more information on zoning and how it works, feel free to contact Vertex Mechanical.

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