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What is Zoning and How It Can Change Your Life

Zoning (also called a zoning system) is a system of central heating and air conditioning that allows the homeowner to control the temperature of separate rooms — or zones. Zoning systems contrast typical thermostat systems by providing the homeowner far greater control over their home temperature. Rather than just setting an approximate temperature for the entire house, zoning allows homeowners to control individual areas, using completely separate thermostats.

But what’s the advantage in that? Well, one of the main benefits of zoning is that it allows homeowners to save money on their heating and cooling bills. Furthermore, it can satisfy vastly different opinions about the right temperature. Finally, a zoning system can present a solution to the problem of one room always being too cold or too hot.

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How Do Zoning Systems Work?

Zoning is a two-part system that allows you to control home temperature on a zone by zone basis. The first component is the motorized dampers installed in the HVAC ducts themselves. The dampers open and close to direct air to the individualized zones. This is what allows the HVAC system to provide different temperatures in different areas. Next, several zone thermostats are installed throughout your home, corresponding to specific rooms or specific zones. These thermostats monitor — and allow you to change — the temperature in any given zone.

Zoning System Benefits

zone controlled central air system in living room

This pinpoint control over your home temperature might not be a thrilling prospect on its own. However, what you can accomplish with it can be.

First things first, a zoned heating system will keep your house more comfortable for more people. Everyone has their own temperature at which they feel comfortable — now everyone can enjoy that.

In addition, zone controlled systems also fix longstanding temperature irregularities. For example, if you have a room or level that’s always hot or cold, you can directly address that with the individual zone thermostat, without throwing off the rest of the house.

Finally, and most importantly, a zone controlled HVAC system will save you money — every month, year round. Think about it. In the summer you want more AC on the second floor and in the winter you want more on the first floor. With a zone system we can push the air to where it is needed most which brings higher level of comfort, in addition to less wear and tear on your HVAC equipment.

So, how much can you save? Well, it depends on your home, your HVAC, and how diligently you use your zoned system. However, for the majority of homes we install it in, we’ve seen this technology easily pay for itself in a couple of years.

Who Should Opt for Zoning?

Offered as a perk in new home builds, zoning is definitely something to look for when buying a new home — or to include when you’re building your own.

Just because your home is older doesn’t mean you can’t also take advantage of this HVAC upgrade. We equip numerous homes, at all ages with this 21st century HVAC technology every year, and customers see the results right away.

Some houses have a greater need for zoning. Certain architectural and design features make houses susceptible to massive energy waste without it.

zoned heating system for bedroom

You might want to consider this system if your home has:

• More than 2 stories
• Living space in the basement or attic
• High ceilings
• Large windows
• A sunroom

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Free Zoning System Analysis from Vertex Mechanical

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