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Best & Most Convenient Ways to Save Energy

Saving energy = saving money — this is 100% true all year, but it’s probably on your mind now that the temperature is dropping and the bills are climbing. While you can find list after list of EXTREME energy efficiency tips, they are a little too much for the average homeowner, us included. While you might save a few extra dollars a month, it isn’t worth wearing a parka indoors. Instead, we’re providing you with the best ways to save energy that are comfortable and convenient.

At Vertex Mechanical, we’re the Lancaster PA heating and cooling company that is dedicated to keeping you cozy — and keeping you in the green. That’s why we put together our list of best ways to save energy.

7 Easy Energy Efficiency Tips

energy efficiency tips

Saving a little money, and doing right by the environment, feels great — that’s why you’re here reading this. However, some energy efficiency tips we’ve read just aren’t doable. With our list you won’t find any extreme, unusable tips, just convenient ways to save energy.

Here are 7 energy efficiency tips to save money and stay warm this winter:
  • 1. Upgrade Your Lightbulbs — While outdated lightbulbs don’t waste a ton of electricity, since they are always on, it can add up. If you’re still using old-school incandescent light bulbs, this is your reason to upgrade to LEDs or CFLs. You can find these anywhere from the grocery store to the hardware store. Over a year of using them, you’ll see some savings.
  • 2. Use Power Strips — The electronics we love cost us more than we’d expect. Most modern tech from TVs to game consoles and phone chargers are drawing power even when they are turned off. Called vampire electricity, this can actually drain more money from you than you’d expect. The only way to stop them from leeching energy is to cut the power, generally by unplugging them. However, there’s a better way. Instead of unplugging each appliance by hand, use a power strip to shut them all off at once.
  • 3. Keep Your HVAC System in Good Shape — Here’s an energy efficiency tip we can help make happen for you. By having yearly tune-ups on your heating and cooling system, you not only prevent costly emergency breakdowns, but you make the system run more efficiently each day. Generally, we see AC and heating systems run between 10% to 20% more efficiently after a tune-up, which saves you money every day.

    Learn more about why you NEED a yearly furnace inspection.
  • 4. Weatherproof Your Home — A great project for a Saturday afternoon and a great way to save energy. Using a tube of caulk to seal cracks, splits and seams on the exterior of your home can keep cold winter air from leaking into your home. When that frigid air infiltrates, it makes your heating system have to work harder. This simple household chore is also a great energy efficiency tip that can keep your winter energy bills low.
  • 5. Wear Socks Inside — Sounds kind of silly, but it makes a difference during the winter. Wearing socks makes you feel warmer, which lets you feel comfortable enough to drop the temperature by a degree or two. Every little bit counts, and besides, fuzzy socks are fun… why not wear them?!
  • 6. If You have a Ceiling Fan, Use It — Ceiling fans aren’t just for decoration, they’re for saving you money. While they don’t actually change the temperature in your home, they make it more comfortable in both the winter and the summer, which reduces your dependence on your HVAC system. You might not expect it, but a ceiling fan can keep you warm in the winter too by pushing rising warm air down to ground level. This is a super easy energy efficiency tip that most homeowners have never heard of!
  • 7. Consider Zoning — Zoning is an HVAC upgrade that makes your home more comfortable while saving you money on your energy bills. This heating and cooling upgrade allows you to control the temperature in individual rooms or zones of the house. Not only does this make a huge difference if your home suffers from a chronically cold or hot room or floor, but it is also one of our ways to save energy. Zoning puts you in total control of your HVAC so that you’re never wasting money to heat or cool empty rooms.

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Use some or all of these tips this winter to make a serious dent in those sky-high winter energy bills. Plus, if you have any questions about zoning or a tune-up, reach out today!

Trust Vertex Mechanical for All of Your Winter Heating Needs

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While we hope you like our 7 super easy ways to save energy, this is just the beginning of how we can serve you. If you want to make sure your heating system runs strong all winter long, while boosting its energy efficiency, schedule with our experts today.

If you’re ready to learn more about zoning for your current HVAC system — and get an estimate of how much you’d save annually — we invite you to request a consultation.

Finally, if your heat ever does break down on a cold winter day, we’re the emergency team to trust. Contact us 24/7 — we’re here to help!

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