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Smart Thermostat Energy Savings

21st century technology has brought new convenience to homeowners in a variety of ways — from smart doorbells to smart light bulbs and so much more. Now, there’s a great solution to put smart tech to use, allowing you to save money on both your heating and cooling bills. While smart thermostats have been on the market for some time, there’s never been a better time to upgrade. In our latest blog, we’re breaking down smart thermostat energy savings as well as showcasing our pick for the best thermostat to save money!

At Vertex Mechanical, we proudly install EcoBee smart thermostats as they can boast a 23% monthly energy savings. Read our blog to learn more about smart thermostat energy savings — as well as our favorite, the EcoBee!

How a Smart Thermostat Helps You Save

best thermostat to save money

Staying comfortable and cutting your energy bills don’t need to be mutually exclusive. While some energy savings tips encourage you to drastically drop your home’s temp and to wear parkas indoors, that doesn’t work for most people. Smart energy savings is all about using your heating and cooling system wisely — that’s how a smart thermostat contributes to energy savings.

According to recent studies, the average smart thermostat saves homeowners between 10% and 15% on their monthly energy bills. Those savings hold consistent across both the hot and the cold months. However, our preferred EcoBee Smart Thermostat has been shown to increase that savings up to 23%.

So where exactly do those savings come from?

The main way that almost every single homeowner wastes energy is by heating or cooling their house when no one is home. Whether it’s in use everyday when you go to work, or it’s on during a surprise dinner date, the heat in your home — along with your hard-earned money — are being wasted heating or cooling your home when no one is even there.

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A smart or wi-fi thermostat fixes that problem in two ways: by learning your daily routine and by giving you convenient access when you need it. When it comes to patterns like the workweek, the smart thermostat will learn your routine and accommodate it. However, for any unexpected detours, you can adjust the home temperature in seconds by either using your phone or your voice. That’s right — the best smart thermostats to save money come with Alexa-esque voice control features!

The second way a thermostat saves you money is by tying in with central air zoning. Another HVAC innovation, zoning allows you to control the temperature in individual rooms or zones, which makes your home more comfortable and adds to your savings. Being able to control all of the individual zones with your smart thermostat gives you even more ability to control your home temperature. Bottom line: if your home has zoning right now or you’re thinking about upgrading, a smart thermostat is a necessity!

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EcoBee: The Best Thermostat to Save Money

money saving ecobee smart thermostat

While there are countless smart and wi-fi thermostats on the market today, we consider the EcoBee to be the best thermostat to save money for homeowners. The EcoBee isn’t the most expensive or the cheapest, but it’s our pick for the best! It has stellar independent reviews, is easy to use, and boasts a 23% average savings compared to the average 10-15% savings of other smart thermostats.

The key to making sure your smart thermostat provides you real energy savings all comes down to how easy and convenient to use it is. That’s why EcoBee is our choice for the best thermostat to save you money all winter and all summer long!

Smart Thermostat Energy Savings Starts with Vertex

If you’re serious about saving money on your heating and cooling bills, reach out to Vertex Mechanical. We’re the local HVAC company dedicated to keeping your home comfortable and to helping you cut your energy bills every month.

Whether you need a tune-up to keep your system running at maximum efficiency — or you’d like to learn all about smart thermostat energy savings — we’re the team to trust. Reach out to start the conversation today!

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