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Comfort Shield Club: The Ultimate HVAC Service Plan

At Vertex Mechanical, we call ourselves a home comfort company — not just an HVAC, plumbing, or electrical company. While all of those are our specialties, the way we see it our most important job is keeping your home comfortable for you and your family. This is the philosophy behind our Comfort Shield Club, which we designed to be the best, most-comprehensive HVAC service plan!

See what makes the Comfort Shield Club the industry-leading HVAC maintenance plan — and discover everything that comes with it!

An HVAC Protection Plan for Total Peace of Mind

When it comes to HVAC protection plans, the Comfort Shield Club from Vertex Mechanical can’t be beat. Our program offers multiple in-depth expert tune-ups every year, which keep your systems running at maximum efficiency — and prevent emergency breakdowns. Plus, when you’re a Peace of Mind Comfort Shield member, you don’t pay for labor on repairs AND you enjoy a 50% discount on any parts! Our protection plan means we keep anything from going wrong — and you’re covered if it ever does.

See EVERYTHING you get with the Comfort Shield Club.

We designed this plan for one thing: to keep you feeling TRULY protected. Contact us today to join the Comfort Shield Club — and lock in your coverage.

So Much More Than an HVAC Maintenance Plan

While other heating and cooling companies also offer their customers a yearly HVAC protection plan, they limit their services to that one area — HVAC. The Comfort Shield Club is centered on your air conditioner and heating system, but it also includes so much more! After all, when anything goes amiss in your home, your life gets derailed — take comfort in knowing we’ve got your back with the Comfort Shield Club.

When you’re a Peace of Mind member, your ultra-important plumbing and electrical systems are also covered along with your HVAC maintenance. For example, our expert plumbers will examine your bathrooms for signs of possible issues — and they’ll inspect and flush your water heater twice a year. This helps ensure you never have to face a plumbing emergency or an early morning with no hot water for your shower! Finally, if you have a salt-based water softener, we’ll service it — and give you 6 bags of salt on us!

Your electrical system plays a crucial role in making your house feel like a home. Bundled in with our Comfort Shield Club, we include an in-depth, yearly electrical inspection to guarantee your home is safe and energy-efficient. While almost all modern electrical systems are extremely safe, it’s always good to have an expert set of eyes confirm your house is 100% free of electrical fire hazards! At Vertex Mechanical, no matter what happens next, our experts have you covered.

Start Saving with the Comfort Shield Club Today

While creating and maintaining your home comfort is the main goal of Vertex Mechanical — and the Comfort Shield Club — we also want to help you save big on the services you need. While almost all HVAC service plans are based on homeowner savings, we take it to the next level.

Not only do you save on the big stuff by not paying for labor on repairs and by taking half off all of the pricey parts, you have ample access to other saving opportunities as part of our HVAC protection plan, too. For example, members receive FREE maintenance on all of their HVAC accessories such as their whole home humidifiers. Finally, when the time comes to upgrade your air conditioner, we want to make that purchase as affordable as possible, too. That’s why Peace of Mind members take 20% off system upgrades — and that’s why you bank $100 a year towards your Vertex replacement just by being in the club.

Call us to learn more about the perks of the Comfort Shield Club — and confirm your membership today!

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