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Is HVAC Insurance Worth It?

When it comes to being financially ready for an HVAC emergency, we say you can never be too prepared. While we like to prevent unexpected breakdowns whenever possible, we always encourage homeowners to know how they’re going to pay for large-scale system repairs or even a full replacement. While some homeowners think that HVAC insurance is the right answer — we have seen how that can leave you disappointed more times than not.

Vertex Mechanical is the full service heating and cooling company that handles it all, and we’re exploring the downsides of HVAC insurance and comparing it to our Comfort Shield Club. Read our blog for the insider look on heating and cooling insurance you won’t get anywhere else.

The Insider Look at Heating and Cooling Insurance

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Heating and cooling insurance is a private insurance plan that covers your HVAC system or other large appliances in the event of a breakdown. In theory, as long as you meet your deductible, you’re covered when anything goes wrong.

It doesn’t always work that way, though…

While we can’t speak with firsthand experience about every heating and cooling insurance plan out there, we can tell you about the vast majority of options on the market. Our opinion comes from what we’ve seen personally and from what our customers have told us. While the concept of HVAC insurance is smart and proactive, securing that coverage through a third party company often backfires for most homeowners.

Here are some of the main issues with heating and cooling insurance plans:

  1. The Insurance Company Will Try to Deny Your Claim — This is the main problem with every HVAC insurance plan we’ve ever heard about. The rate of denial for your claim tends to be very high. HVAC insurance companies typically use almost any and every excuse in the book to claim you were at fault for your system’s breakdown.

    One of their go-to reasons for denying a claim: your filter was too dirty. Almost any filter can have some dirt on it — but that doesn’t mean you misused your system. That (and countless others) is the excuse they’re most likely going to use to deny your claim.

    Even if they use it as an excuse, changing your filters is important — learn how often you should be changing your filters.
  2. You Don’t Get to Pick Your Contractor or What Work Gets Done — If you’re like most people, you’re picky about who you want to work in your home. You want someone skilled and trustworthy. When you file a claim with an HVAC insurance company, they pick the contractor to assess the situation, and if they accept the claim, that contractor will do the work, too. It doesn’t matter if you have a team you trust — the HVAC insurance company will use who they want. On top of that, they make the decision of whether they replace or repair your system. If you want the insurance money, you have zero say in these big decisions.
  3. You Don’t Always Get the Best Service — Primarily, the heating and cooling insurance companies work with less-experienced contractors to lock-in ultra-cheap rates for themselves. In addition, they also save money with the systems they install and the repairs they authorize. Simply put, you’re probably not going to get the best system or the best and most experienced people on the job.
  4. It’s Not as Financially Smart as it Sounds — On the surface, HVAC and appliance insurance sounds unbeatable — but in reality, your money is better invested elsewhere. Not only are the full-home coverage rates much more expensive than advertised, but there are often numerous different deductibles you have to meet for service calls, repairs, and equipment — all for the same visit.

Total Home Comfort from Vertex Mechanical

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Just because the big nationwide insurance plans aren’t your best bet doesn’t mean you can’t find a good way to be smart about protecting your HVAC system and your finances.

At Vertex Mechanical, we’re dedicated to ensuring you have access to the services you need to keep your home safe and comfortable year round. Whether that’s immediate access through our 24/7 emergency line or unbeatable financing terms, we make it happen when you need it most.

This lifelong company mission is why we created the Comfort Shield Club. Our signature Peace-of-Mind package includes several benefits that take the idea of HVAC insurance and improve on it in every way. Not only do we cover you in emergencies, but we help prevent them from happening, too. Here’s just some of what you’ll love about Comfort Shield:

  • 2 annual tune-ups
  • No labor charges on repairs
  • 50% discount on any repair parts
  • 20% discount on any replacements or upgrades
  • Free maintenance on most HVAC accessories
  • Annual accrual towards a new HVAC system replacement ($100/yr)

Join Comfort Shield Club Today!

The Comfort Shield Club: The Answer to HVAC Insurance

Now you have the insider scoop on HVAC insurance and why it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. However, just because an insurance plan isn’t a good buy doesn’t mean protecting your wallet and your HVAC all at once isn’t a great idea. Like with most things, you’re better off trusting a local team rather than a nationwide company.

If you’re ready to learn more about the advantages of the Comfort Shield Club and how it can outperform heating and cooling insurance, we’d love to talk. Contact us to start the conversation now!

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