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Geothermal Advantages in 2019

Geothermal energy is the cutting-edge heating and cooling technology that is earning huge popularity with homeowners in 2019. Thanks to an enormous 30% federal tax credit until the end of 2019, this environmentally-friendly HVAC system is making headlines as an in-demand home upgrade. Learn more about this high-tech system — and discover all the geothermal advantages.

Geothermal systems provide both instantaneous and extremely-efficient heating and cooling by tapping into the temperature of the ground. During the winter, a geothermal system provides warmth by pumping ground heat into your home. Over the summer, the system works by transferring the hot summer air into the cool ground, causing the heat to dissipate and effectively cooling your home.

While the science behind the system may be complicated, the geothermal benefits are easy to appreciate. These high-tech systems last longer than traditional HVAC systems, provide HUGE year-round energy savings, and come with a whole host of other advantages.

Exploring Geothermal Benefits for Your Home

geothermal benefits

At Vertex Mechanical, we’re the local Lancaster, PA heating and cooling contractor with expertise in all things geothermal technology. While these specialized heat pumps call for a large upfront investment, the geothermal advantages make them a smart long-term decision. These are the most important geothermal benefits:

  1. Year Round Energy Savings — Whether keeping your home cool over the summer or warm in the winter, you’ll be saving on your energy bills with a geothermal unit. While both of these seasons are very expensive with traditional HVAC systems, using geothermal you’ll save between 30% and 70% compared to traditional options. These exceptional year-round savings are some of the most important geothermal benefits, helping homeowners save year-after-year.

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  2. Environmentally-Friendly — Since geothermal heat pumps don’t burn fossil fuels to heat your home, they help the environment by reducing carbon emissions. In general, geothermal energy earns big points for the environment by being clean and completely renewable. Homeowners appreciate that upgrading to geothermal doesn’t just help them — but making the switch protects the environment as well.
  3. 30% Federal Tax Credit — If you upgrade before the end of 2019, the federal government wants to pay you back for embracing these energy-efficient geothermal advantages. Given the average cost of installing a system, that 30% tax credit equals approximately $10,000 in savings. If you know you need to upgrade to a new AC or furnace, this can be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

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  4. Longer System Lifespan — One of the most expensive pieces of home maintenance is a full AC or furnace replacement. The longer your heating and air conditioning systems last, the better for you financially. That’s why one of the best geothermal benefits is that their lifespan is about 50% longer than any traditional system. The average lifespan of one of these systems is approximately 20 to 25 years.
  5. Comfortable, Instant Heat — While geothermal systems are equally effective at heating and cooling, homeowners always note that geothermal heat feels warmer and more comfortable, which is perfect for cold Pennsylvania winters. Not only is geothermal a strong financial and environmental choice, it also just feels better, too.

These geothermal benefits are available for almost any and every home with ductwork. Both new homes and older homes alike can benefit from the savings and the comfort of geothermal energy!

Take Advantage of the Geothermal Tax Credit — Before 2019 is Over

geothermal tax credit

Install your geothermal system before the end of 2019 and you’ll be able to take advantage of the massive 30% federal geothermal tax credit. If you know a new heating or cooling system upgrade is imminent, this tax credit can make it worth it.

While the 30% tax credit does end in 2019, in 2020 you’ll be able to claim a 26% tax credit on all new installations of this technology. If you’re interested in learning more about geothermal benefits and the geothermal tax credit, start the conversation with Vertex today.

Trust Vertex Mechanical for the Geothermal Advantages

Whether you’re looking for quotes on installation or you’re still learning about the unique geothermal advantages, a consultation with Vertex Mechanical is your first step. We are one of the few companies locally to have experience and expertise installing and working with geothermal technology.

To take advantage of these unbeatable geothermal benefits — and the limited-time-only geothermal tax credit — contact the elite geothermal installers in PA!

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