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The Comfort Shield Package That’s Right for YOU

At Vertex Mechanical, we’re dedicated to our customers through and through. That doesn’t just mean our technicians arrive to fix something when it goes wrong. We want to do more for our customers — to go above and beyond. We want to ALWAYS be there to prevent mechanical breakdowns, boost your appliances’ energy efficiency, and protect ALL of the systems that make your house a home.

The drive to do well by our customers is the inspiration behind our Comfort Shield Club program. This totally unique service plan bundles together the most crucial preventative maintenance services Vertex performs and pairs them with huge discounts on repairs and other bonuses. Designed for maximum homeowner convenience, serious savings, and complete peace-of-mind, the Comfort Shield Club is quickly becoming a hit with Vertex Mechanical customers — and earning us a few new ones, too!

Comfort Shield Club Explored

The Right Comfort Shield Level for You

Since every home, every homeowner, and every budget is different, we have different tiers with different benefits in our Comfort Shield Club. Find the plan that meets your needs and satisfies your wallet.

For Those Who Want Total Comfort & Maximum Savings

Peace-of-Mind Package — Our most popular plan for a reason, the Peace-of-Mind Package ensures you don’t have to worry about it…no matter what it is. This full-coverage plan protects your HVAC system, your electrical system, and your home’s plumbing. With a complete cycle of expert tune-ups throughout the year, this package keeps all of your home’s main systems running smoothly. If something ever does break down, that’s when you really see the value — this package provides huge discounts on parts, free labor on repairs, and other important discounts.

Simply put, the Peace-of-Mind Package is for EVERYONE who doesn’t want to worry if something around the house will ever go wrong or worry about how they’d pay for it if it did.

For Those with Brand New Systems

Safety & Efficiency Package — While lots of homeowners with brand new HVAC systems select the popular Peace-of-Mind level, the Safety & Efficiency Package is a great choice, too. While this tier doesn’t include the discounts on labor and parts, it does still include the most important preventative maintenance services to keep your HVAC system, water heater, and electrical system running at peak condition. Those expert AC and heating system tune-ups are important for maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty attached to your new system — missing even one season of tune-ups can void the warranty.

We created this package as a fit for homeowners who want to ensure their systems are safe and efficient, and who believe that their air conditioner or furnace won’t need major repairs for several years.

For Passionate DIYers

Bi-Annual Tune-Up — When most people hear the words “clogged dryer vent” or “water heater flush”, they recoil. But if you think that fixing either problem sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, then this is the Comfort Shield Package for you. A just-essentials plan, the Bi-Annual Tune-Up Package lets you take care of your plumbing and electrical system, while having our experts keep an eye on your HVAC system. After all, even if you live for those weekend projects, you should still rely on the experts to inspect your air conditioner and heating system once per year.

These thorough inspections restore energy efficiency, keep your warranty intact, and can even find signs of danger such as a carbon monoxide leak.

Get to Know Vertex Mechanical

vertex mechanical comfort shield club technician

Vertex Mechanical is passionate about keeping the fresh air flowing in your home and bringing innovative ideas to the HVAC industry. We strive to develop long relationships with our clients, serving all of their needs over the years, rather than making a quick buck.

That goal is why we do things differently at Vertex. We’re not a national chain, our technicians don’t work on commission to up-sell you services you don’t need — and we built the Comfort Shield Club to keep you covered no matter what.

Learn more about the Vertex values.

Learn More About the Comfort Shield Club

Whether you’re ready to sign up for our Comfort Shield Club now, or you’d like to know more about each tier, the first step is to have a conversation. Our heating and cooling experts can help you decide what’s the best plan for your system, your needs, and your monthly budget.

Contact us to start the conversation today.

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