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Beat the Heat & SAVE Today

Did you know this is your moment of opportunity for your much-needed air conditioning work? That’s right act now, and you can save yourself a headache and some money! See some of the RED HOT deals we’re running to keep you COOL — for a VERY limited time!

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For most HVAC service companies, early spring can be a slower time of the year for their install crews. That’s because most people simply wait until their AC system breaks down to have it repaired or replaced. The thing is, on that first 80+ degree day, everyone tries their system for the first time, and 10% of those people are going to discover an emergency — that needs a repair tech.

Well at this point you will most likely get in line. You might try calling several companies to get in a better position, but that is just like trying to find the fastest checkout at Walmart. Never really plays out as well as you hoped in the end.

Another down side is now that all of the HVAC companies are busy, they don’t feel the need to offer discounts. Simply put, there is no reason to — the schedule is backed up, and the laws of supply and demand kick in.

So here is a quick way to save yourself a bundle of money. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, HVAC companies are usually looking to fill the schedule. Think about it. On a pleasant mid 70-degree day, most people are opening up their windows and doors to let the wonderful aspects of spring into their home. They are not calling or even thinking about their HVAC guy.

To beat the heat, you should take a moment on a warmer day to simply turn your AC on and make sure it is blowing cold air. Make sure you change your AC filter at this time too. If you suspect a problem, call your HVAC guy out now, rather than waiting. They will most likely get to you faster, so you won’t have to wait in a long line.

For those of you that know you need a new air conditioning system, this time of year you can find some incredible deals. HVAC companies want to keep their guys busy and will work at cost rather than have empty schedules. There is no better time of the year to find the deepest discounts on high-quality HVAC systems.

Also keep in mind that manufacturers want to move equipment in the springtime, so they offer preseason deals and rebates. The utility companies are additionally running rebates most of the year for higher efficient equipment.

If you are looking for a deal on a new AC or heating system, call Vertex Mechanical today — and beat that first hot day when all the deals will simply evaporate with the heat.

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