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Are Smart Thermostats Worth It?

In our current technological age where everything from wristwatches to wine corks (seriously!) are embedded with smart technology, it was only a matter of time until the home thermostat got the 21st-century treatment.

While new technology is always exciting, the question remains: are these “smart” or wi-fi thermostats worth it? Honestly, the answer depends on your habits, your current thermostat, and how much you crave the latest technology.

Check out our breakdown of whether a wi-fi thermostat is worth it for you from an experienced HVAC contractor

What Can You Do with a Wi-Fi Thermostat?

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The main perk of smart thermostats that separates them from traditional programmable thermostats is that they are wi-fi enabled and can be monitored and changed from your phone as long as you have access to the internet. This connectivity allows you to take advantage of your new thermostat in ways your normal thermostat couldn’t dream of.

Here’s what you can do with a smart thermostat:

  1. Monitor Your Home When Traveling — Some of the most destructive home disasters can result from having your heating system die or malfunction when you’re out of town during the winter. For example, if your heating system dies and your pipes freeze, it can cost tens-of-thousands of dollars in damage — and disrupt your life for months. Being able to monitor your home remotely can prevent this and is crucial if you travel often or spend the winter elsewhere.
  2. Save Money on Your Energy Bills — A smart thermostat can save you money by ensuring you never pay to heat or cool your house when it’s empty. So if you head off for work and forget to adjust the temperature, you can adjust it as soon as you get to your destination. Just like programmable thermostats, wi-fi thermostats have been shown to save between 10% to 20% on your yearly energy bills. Since they are too expensive, the energy savings can pay for the upgrade pretty quickly!

    This savings can answer the question “are smart thermostats worth it?”Learn how to save on your AC bills.

    Learn how to save on your heating bills.

  3. Easily Program and Use — While it’s true that programmable thermostats also offer serious energy savings, many people that have them don’t enjoy that benefit. That’s because many homeowners find the steps to programming and fully using their thermostat a bit complicated. However, the familiar 21st-century interface of a smart thermostat is easy to control day-by-day — and easy to program, too.
  4. Change the Temperature from ANYWHERE — From either under the covers or on the way home from work, with a smart thermostat, you always have the power to change the temperature. Not only is this a fun novelty, but it can reinforce that 10% to 20% savings, too. We’ve seen that the convenience of always having your thermostat at your fingertips can turn you into a conscious energy saver.

Reasons to NOT Upgrade to a Wi-Fi Thermostat

woman in home that uses wi-fi thermostat

In general, there’s a lot to love about the benefits of a wi-fi thermostat in your home. The convenience, the savings, and the added protection for frequent travelers can absolutely make a smart thermostat worth it. Plus, unlike lots of other pieces of modern technology, it won’t break the bank!

However, we can see two convincing reasons NOT to upgrade:

  1. You Won’t Use It — Even though the benefits sound fun, you need to actually use the technology to get any benefit from it. If you neglect the smart functionality and just use your new thermostat on the wall, a wi-fi thermostat probably won’t be worth it for you.
  2. You Need More Pressing HVAC Work — While the latest innovations in anything are exciting, they can never be more important than the foundations. Therefore, if your HVAC system needs a crucial upgrade or an all-important repair, that needs to take precedence over the novelty and convenience of a smart thermostat.

Should You Upgrade to a Wi-Fi Thermostat?

For most homeowners, the answer is a resounding YES! The combination of energy savings, convenience, and home safety make wi-fi thermostats a smart upgrade. Plus, this is something that actually makes your heating and cooling system FUN — who are we to disagree with that? Plus, unlike wi-fi wine corks and wi-fi t-shirts (once again, these are real!), these 21st-century upgrades actually make sense and they make your life better.

As long as you’re going to use it, the only reason we’d say you shouldn’t upgrade to a smart thermostat is that you have a more pressing concern. For example, if your air conditioner still uses R-22, you’ll want to have that taken care of first.

Wi-Fi Thermostat Upgrades

If you’re interested in catapulting your thermostat into the modern era, Vertex Mechanical can help. Our skilled heating and cooling technicians can install and calibrate your new thermostat — and even show you how to use it!

If you want to learn more and get a quote, contact us today!

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