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Will My Heating System Survive the Winter?

More than 40% of heating systems that are going to die this winter will die on the very first day below freezing. That fact holds true regardless of the type of heating system you use: heat pump, furnace or boiler. This can leave homeowners facing multiple winter days without heat and HUGE emergency repair bills.

Vertex Mechanical recommends a full-heating system tuneup BEFORE winter kicks off. A professional heating system tuneup can ensure your system survives the winter or will fix what’s wrong before the weather gets cold. Professional tuneups can also help you maintain your heating system warranty and even help you save about 10%-20% on your monthly heating bills!

Learn more about why a heating system tuneup is a necessity — plus get the scoop on a DIY workaround.

No Heat on a Cold Winter Day

couple dealing with a no heat emergency

Picture this: you wake up on a chilly morning, shivering a little. You’ve pulled the blankets tight around yourself. Sure, you remember reading that today was going to be cold…just not this cold.

The floor feels like ice on your bare feet. It’s only when you wave your hands under the vents that it clicks — no heat!  But you’ve got other things on your mind: how much is fixing this going to cost? Should I take the kids to my parents’? How did this even happen?

THAT is the experience of having no heat on a freezing winter day.

Every year, TENS-OF-THOUSANDS of homeowners throughout Pennsylvania suddenly lose their heat when they need it most. Statistically speaking, your heating is most likely to die on the first cold day, but it can happen at any point throughout the long winter.

But, why?

Think about it like this:

Your heating system is complex, comprised of multiple pieces of sensitive machinery — if just one piece breaks down, you lose your heat. Your system has been collecting dust for the better part of 8 months. Yet all of a sudden, you fire it up and throw it into high-gear.

It’s the equivalent of trying to run a full-marathon after spending months glued to the couch, binging on junk food and Netflix.  It isn’t going to be pretty…

That’s why TENS-OF-THOUSANDS of PA homeowners find themselves waking up to bitterly cold houses every winter. To make sure that doesn’t happen to our customers, we ALWAYS advocate our professional heating system tuneups.

Heating System Tuneup

heating system tuneup to prevent a no heat disaster

During a Vertex tuneup, our HVAC experts will test your heating system and clean it top-to-bottom. As part of the tuneup, our technicians inspect the system closely, all while hunting for the signs of a potential breakdown.

An expert set of eyes can save you a lot of money and headaches.

What Heats Your Home: Heat Pump, Boiler or Furnace?

As long as the house stays toasty, most homeowners don’t care where the heat comes from, but maybe they should. Do you know the difference between the three major types of heating systems?

  • Heat Pump — Heat Pumps are very popular here in Pennsylvania because they are able to heat and cool out of the same unit. Essentially these systems use electricity to pump warm air throughout your home. Heat pumps are also popular because they tend to be very reliable and don’t directly use fossil fuels.
  • Boiler — Less popular in new construction, boilers heat water and then pump the heated water throughout the house. The heated water creates radiant heat from radiators. Boilers burn either oil or gas to produce heat.
  • Furnaces — In the way that boilers heat water, furnaces heat air and pump that air throughout the home. Typically burning natural gas, these heating systems are noted for being among the leaders in fuel efficiency.

Should I Get a Heating System Tuneup?

Cut your energy bill with a professional heating system tuneup

Regardless of what type of heating system, or the age of that system, you SHOULD get a winter tuneup.

Finding a furnace, boiler or heat pump problem before the weather gets cold prevents a no-heat disaster — plus paying for a tuneup (and any maintenance) will ALWAYS be cheaper than paying for an emergency repair.

Here’s our list of reasons to get a heating system tuneup:

  1. You won’t lose your heat this winter!
  2. You will save a huge chunk of change by not paying for emergency repair or replacement!
  3. Heating tuneups can actually lower your monthly heating bill by about 10%-20%!
  4. Scheduling a professional heating tuneup can help ensure you maintain your manufacturer’s warranty. In fact, most new HVAC system warranties are ONLY valid if the unit has been regularly inspected.
  5. Even though deadly carbon monoxide leaks are unlikely, a heating system tuneup will detect the danger before anyone is in harm’s way.

Interested? We still have tuneup appointments available before the temperature drops.

Schedule Now.

Run a DIY Heating System Beta Test

Let us put it simply: there is no substitute for a professional tuneup. However, if you can’t afford it this winter, you can at least conduct an impromptu test.

It won’t give you the same peace-of-mind that a Vertex tuneup will, but at least you’ll know if you need emergency service before the snow starts falling.

The goal is to simulate the tough conditions your heating system will face over the winter.

  1. Manually set your thermostat to heat and set the temperature at least 5 degrees higher than what it reads now.  You want to make the unit run and watch it achieve your set temperature.
  2. Listen for the sounds of normal operation.
  3. If your heat works properly, keep it at this temperature for a few minutes. If the temperature reaches that temp and shuts down, you can go into winter feeling cautiously optimistic.
  4. If the heat won’t start normally or struggles to reach this temperature, you have a problem. At least you know now rather than later (when you really need it).

Vertex Mechanical, Your Local Heating Experts

Whether you want to schedule a heating tuneup, need repairs after conducting your own test, or find yourself without heat, Vertex Mechanical has your back.

Furnace, boiler or heat pump—we’ve seen it all and we service all Brands and models. Simply put, we’re the local heating experts you can trust.

We’re not a national chain, our technicians don’t work on commission, and we don’t hard sell. All we do is perform the expert heating and mechanical services you need.

Get in touch us with us — we’d love to hear from you.

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