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Are Heating System or Furnace Tune-Ups Worth It?

You love your house, but it’s fair to say that it can feel like a massive financial DRAIN. Insure this, repair that, and pay to fix those. The last thing you want to do is foot another bill, especially for something that’s working. This causes some homeowners to wonder if they can skip out on recommended maintenance — and it also causes homeowners to ask, “Are heating system or furnace tune-ups worth it?”

Although we understand wanting to pinch your pennies, tune-ups are 100% worth it! Not only do tune-ups save you from costly emergency repairs, they protect manufacturer warranties and even trim your sky-high winter energy bills.

The real value of a yearly furnace tune-up pays off the furnace’s initial price tag — all while ensuring your home stays safe and comfortable. Read our latest blog and learn how the right tune-up is not only worth it but is a sharp financial choice.

What a Heating System or Furnace Tune-Up Entails

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When homeowners are skeptical as to whether or not heating or furnace tune-ups are worth it, we find it helps to explain what the work entails.

Testing your furnace or heat pump requires far more precise work than just turning up your thermostat and seeing what happens.

Our technicians open your system up and examine the individual components for subtle signs of wear and damage. In addition, they clean the unit top to bottom of dirt and dust, which can reduce efficiency and cause damage over time. Not only are our technicians making sure your unit runs better this winter — but they are also hunting for damage that can impact your heat years down the road.

Financially and otherwise, you have a lot to gain from a tune-up — check it out:

Heating Tune-Up Benefits

1. Prevent Expensive Breakdowns

Forget the fact that losing your heat on a cold winter day is miserable, it’s also expensive. When your heating system suddenly dies, you need to pay ASAP for the repair or replacement. If you can prevent a furnace breakdown with a tune-up, it’s well worth your money.

2. Protect Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

Any new heating system or furnace will come with a manufacturer’s warranty to cover you in the event of an issue. That’s great news for savings-minded homeowners. Now, here’s the catch: MANY manufacturers make a professional heating system tune-up a requirement to maintain the warranty — if you miss one, the warranty is void. Protecting your warranty ALONE makes the tune-up worth it.

3. Ensure No Carbon Monoxide Issues

This is an issue for furnaces or boilers but not for forced air heating systems. Any unit that burns fossil fuels has a chance to emit the deadly gas carbon monoxide. While carbon monoxide issues are rare, they need to be taken seriously. During a tune-up, our technicians can ensure your system is 100% safe.

4. Extend the System’s Lifespan

If you’re into saving money, you know that getting the most out of your appliances counts. Since tune-ups keep your heating system in pristine shape year after year, they not only protect the system in the short term but in the long run, too. By remembering to schedule maintenance every year, you can save yourself thousands on a new system.

5. Cut Your Energy Bills by 10% to 20%

By making sure your system is running at peak efficiency, you’re saving money on your bills every month. Not only does a tune-up make financial sense in the big-picture, it pays you back right away!

Learn more about saving money on your winter energy bills.

Schedule Your Pre-Season Tune-Up with Vertex

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This is why we ALWAYS tell homeowners that a heating system or furnace tune-up is worth it. You save money now, enjoy peace-of-mind, and save money in the long term.

Some budget focused homeowners also love upgrading to wi-fi thermostats.

Ready for your heating tune-up? Vertex Mechanical is currently scheduling pre-season appointments for homeowners who don’t want to wait for their service. Contact us to schedule now!

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