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Are Annual Furnace Inspections Really Necessary?

Right now, you don’t know whether your furnace or heating system will survive the winter — or if it’ll cost you a fortune in repairs to replace it. Depending on how it did last winter and based on its age, you may have an idea, but you don’t know for sure — until you get a professional tune-up anyway. Today, we’re answering the common homeowner question, “Are annual furnace inspections really necessary?”

At Vertex Mechanical, we’re the Lancaster, PA HVAC company that is open and honest with our customers. That’s why we’re breaking down the reasons furnace tune-ups really are necessary, and why!

4 Reasons You Need a Heating System Tune-Up

We get it: you want to save money whenever possible. That’s why so many homeowners ask us, “Are annual furnace inspections really necessary?” We say yes — heating system tune-ups prevent emergency break downs, reduce your winter heating bill, and so much more.

Heating system and furnace tune-ups are necessary if…

  1. You Want to Keep Your Warranty — All new heating systems and furnaces come backed by warranties, which is great news for you. However, the fine print on almost every warranty says you need to have your system tuned up every year, or else the warranty is void. This reason ALONE is enough to book your maintenance now.
  2. You Want to Prevent Breakdowns — Losing your heat on a cold day in the middle of winter is stressful — and costly. If your heating system does need some work, you’d rather plan for it than having it sprung unexpectedly on you. Finding and preventing emergencies before they happen saves you money and stress.

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  3. You Want to Extend the Lifespan — If you think HVAC maintenance is costly, then you really don’t want to see the price tag for a full replacement. The maintenance of a semi-annual tune-up has been proven to extend the lifespan of your system by a few years.
  4. You Want to Improve Energy Efficiency — You’re all about saving money, right? A furnace tune-up is necessary to do that. Tune-ups make your system run more efficiently, cutting your energy bill an average of 10%-20% over the winter!

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What Does a Furnace Tune-Up Include?

annual furnace tune up

During every single tune-up, our expert technicians go through a long checklist to make sure your system is in A+ shape for the coming winter. Our maintenance regime is focused on four major points:

  • Cleaning — Our technicians clean your system top to bottom, removing the accumulated dust and debris that can make your system run less efficiently and eventually cause problems.
  • Testing — One of the most important things we do during every tune-up is test your system. This can be key to finding any issues. That way when it comes time to use your system, you know it will work.
  • Inspecting — Our technicians take a closer look at the individual parts and components of your system and look for the signs of a potential breakdown. This is one of the most important ways we catch issues before they become problems.
  • Lubricating — A simple but effective way to keep any heating system in good shape is to lubricate and wax the moving parts.

At Vertex Mechanical, we put a lot of trust in our technicians to make sure your home’s system is in A+ shape. Here’s why our team members are the best in the business.

Call Now For Priority Scheduling

You have our answer to whether or not annual furnace tune-ups are necessary and what a Vertex Mechanical furnace tune-up includes. So if you’re going to get a tune-up this fall, don’t wait — schedule now.

Right now, we’re able to give you priority scheduling before the beginning of the typical December rush. This is your chance to get the peace-of-mind you want and the benefits you need — without having to wait for it.

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