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7 Energy Saving Tips for PA

Looking for energy saving tips that actually trim your bills, without sacrificing comfort throughout the cold winter? We know cutting energy bills is a crusade for most homeowners — especially during the winter months. That’s why we’ve compiled our 7 unique energy saving tips. Specifically written for PA homeowners, with east coast winters in mind, these insider tips focus on limiting the burden on your hard-working heating system, saving you money every day.

Some of our winter energy saving tips include sealing any cracks in your house, plastic wrapping your windows and getting a professional furnace tuneup, which alone saves you 10%-20% on your energy bills.

Save Energy this Winter

When you rip open the bill you’re already expecting to not like what you see. Over the winter, your electric bill or gas bill has become synonymous with pain. This month is worse than usual — it feels kind of like someone splashed a bucket of ice water in your face.

It’s a fact: no matter what type of heating system you have, paying for heat over the winter is expensive.

How expensive?

Well, home heat is the LARGEST single contributor to a home’s energy bill, ranging between 40% to 65% of total energy cost!

Here’s the kicker though: no matter what it costs, you’re going to pay it. When it’s 45 degrees or below outside, you don’t have much of a choice — you need to heat your home.

Really, the only thing worse than paying expensive heating bills is not having heat at all. Learn more about a no-heat disaster.

The best thing you can do is limit how much energy you need to use without sacrificing comfort. While you would save money by killing the heat and wearing your parka inside, we DON’T recommend it. Your comfort is important, too.

That’s why we’ve compiled our pro energy saving tips for PA homeowners. You’ll notice that some of our strategies are beneficial habits to adopt, while others are home improvement projects. Some of these energy saving tips take a healthy chunk out of your bills, while others nibble at the costs.

Energy Saving Tips for Winter

1) Turn Down the Thermostat at Night

If you’re the one paying the bills, then you know heat isn’t cheap (kind of the point of this whole blog). So don’t pay for heat that you’re not going to enjoy.

Dropping the Thermostat to Save on Heating Bills

Every night, before you go to bed, drop the thermostat a few degrees. You’ll be asleep, so you won’t notice, and over time, the savings will add up in a meaningful way.

Bonus: You might even sleep better with the thermostat set lower. Studies show that the majority of people have their best sleep with the temperature set between 60 to 67 degrees.

2) Plastic Wrap Your Windows

While winter air likes to infiltrate the perimeter of your windows, it can also go directly through them.

As your windows get older they become more permeable. While upgrading to new windows would certainly solve the problem, that can easily cost ten grand — and this blog is all about saving money.

Don’t drop a small fortune on fancy new windows. You can enjoy the same effect with a few dollars worth of plastic wrap and tape. Simply cover the window panes and frames with a layer of plastic wrap. Your house will stay warmer and your energy bills will drop.

3) Caulk or Seal Your Home Doors and Windows

One of the reasons you pay so much to heat your home is because you’re fighting against the cold winter air that’s slipping in. Cracks in the exterior walls of your house pose an open invitation.

Sealing Cracks in Windows to Save Money on Heating Bills

Take an afternoon to seal any obvious cracks using a heavy-duty tube of caulk. The caulk will run you about $20 — you’ll save way more on your heating bills.

On top of that, leaky seams around your windows and doors are another common place for cold air to infiltrate your home. If you have any left, you can use the same tube of caulk to seal your doors and windows. You can also use weather-stripping tape to keep those cold drafts out. Available at any hardware store for about $15, weather stripping is a cost-effective tool.

4) Open the Blinds and Welcome the Sunshine

After you’ve plastic wrapped your windows, throw open the blinds. On a bright day, you can take advantage of the heat from the sun. While it’s no substitute for your furnace, the rays of the sun can help raise the temperature in your home by a few degrees.

This energy saving tip takes seconds, yet can save you a few bucks over the course of a long winter.

5) Wear Socks Inside

This energy saving tip is more about helping you deal with cold temperatures rather than actually keeping your home warmer. By wearing your coziest socks throughout the winter, your body will retain heat better, helping you feel warmer no matter the temperature.

Wearing Cozy Socks to Retain Heat is an Energy Saving Tip

This very well might be the easiest tip to follow, since we can all but guarantee you own a pair of socks.

6) Get a Heating System Tuneup

One of the most important energy saving tips we offer homeowners is to get their heating systems professionally serviced prior to every winter.

A tuneup by professional heating contractors will return your heating system to maximum efficiency, saving the average homeowner between 10% and 20% on their heating bills. Most homeowners we work with easily come out ahead on the initial price of the tuneup.

Bonus: A tuneup can prevent your system from breaking down over the winter, saving you a hefty emergency repair bill. Basically: a professional tuneup doesn’t just keep your heat running — it keeps it running like it’s new.

Did You Know: If your heating system is still under warranty, chances are, you NEED yearly professional maintenance to keep that warranty.

7) Use Your Ceiling Fan — In Reverse

You know your ceiling fan keeps you cool in the summer, but it can also keep you warm this winter.

Reversing Ceiling Fan in the Winter Can Cut Your Energy Bills

By reversing the direction of your ceiling fan, the fan pushes warm air down to the ground, making you feel more comfortable without having to boost your heat.

Reversing your ceiling fan is a simple matter of flipping the switch on the base of the unit or by reversing its direction on the remote control.

However, moving air around can feel drafty depending on the room in which your fan is located.

Contact Vertex Mechanical

No matter which of our energy saving tips you employ, you’ll save some money this year. If you want to easily save 10% to 20% on your heating bills with a tuneup, give Vertex Mechanical a call.

We perform hundreds of tuneups every year for homeowners throughout PA. We’re local heating experts with the goal of saving you money this winter.

We’re not a national chain, our technicians don’t work on commission and we don’t hard sell. All we do is perform the expert heating and mechanical services you need.

Get in touch with us — we’d love to hear from you.

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