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Most Common Home Electric Shocks

Electricity is what allows our houses to feel like homes. Wired into every wall and accessible in every room, electricity is truly a fantastic tool of the modern era. However, since electricity is woven throughout our houses we need to be aware of the possibility of electric shocks in the home.

In general, the electrical systems in most modern houses are VERY safe. However, home electric shocks are still something to pay attention to — here are the most common reasons for electric shock.

6 Home Electric Shocks to Look out For

While an outdated electrical system can cause electric shock, it is more likely to be a fire hazard. The most common reason for home electric shocks is human accident and error. Here are the 6 most common reasons people get injured by electricity:

  1. Kids and Sockets — One of the simplest electric shock hazards is also among the most common. Kids are highly inquisitive, and outlets can look like a great thing to explore. Putting anything metal in an outlet can lead to a serious electric shock. Unfortunately, getting shocked by an outlet can result in serious injury — and possibly even a hospital visit. That’s why we always stress the importance of educating your kids about the danger of outlets. In addition, you can consider upgrading your outlets to tamper-resistant receptacles that prevent shock by only opening for correctly sized plugs. These safety-first outlets prevent objects like forks from entering but still allow the electrical plug in.
  2. Electrical Outlet Plus Water — Water is a deadly conductor of electricity — ALWAYS avoid combining them. First, beware of outlets embedded in sinks or near water fixtures — they can get wet and shock you. Plus, even though you know it, it bears repeating: NEVER plug in or unplug appliances with wet hands. If you want to remove one of those dangers, at Vertex Mechanical, our electrical specialists can remove any hazardously placed outlets in your home.
  3. Electric Shock from Your Light Switch — Some cheap light switches can shock you as you turn them on. While the shock isn’t of the same deadly voltage as the hazards above, it is still painful and annoying. Bottom line: your light switch should turn on your lights — not electrify you. Contact us to have the Vertex Electrical experts upgrade your light switches.
  4. Screwing in a Light Bulb with the Switch Turned on — Changing a lightbulb is simple and easy, just make sure you turn off the light switch first. Otherwise, you might end up giving yourself a minor electric shock. This common electric shock hazard is easily preventable, just think twice and you won’t get shocked.
  5. Leaving on Your Wedding Ring When Doing Electrical Work — Make SURE you take off your wedding ring when doing electrical work around the house. Just like water, gold is another powerful conductor of electricity and you don’t want to have that liability wrapped around your finger while you’re working.
  6. Replacing Circuits or Fuses — Upgrading your circuit breaker or fusebox is one of the DIY tasks that leads to potentially-dangerous home electrical shocks. While the concept is simple enough, doing the work can be dangerous. If you forget to kill the power before replacing a circuit or a fuse, you can become seriously injured. The expert electricians of Vertex Mechanical can safely perform all upgrades and repairs to your main electrical system.

Electric Shock Protection

electrical wall outlet replacement

One of the best things you can do to prevent home electric shock is partner with an expert. Whether that means hiring or consulting with an electrician, it can keep you safe when performing any repairs on your home.

In addition, you can make safety upgrades throughout your house to minimize the risk of accidental electric shock. Whether that looks like removing dangerous outlets near faucets or upgrading the entire house with tamper-resistant outlets, trust the experts and ensure the job is done correctly and safely.

Finally, if you have questions about the safety of your electrical system — whether you’re worried about shocks or a fire hazard — bring us out for a full safety inspection. We’ll examine this crucial system from top-to-bottom and give you the peace-of-mind you need.

Your Local Electrical Safety Specialists

Vertex Mechanical is primarily known throughout the Lancaster County area as an expert heating and cooling company. However, we also specialize in your electrical systems, by providing the upgrades, repairs, and inspections that you need.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our expert electricians today.

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