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How Vampire Electricity Wastes Your Money

An annoying waste of money with a spooky name, vampire electricity (or phantom electricity) is the term describing how electronics waste electricity whenever they are plugged in — even if they aren’t charging or being used. This energy leakage is called vampire electricity because it stealthily devours energy like a vampire would blood, costing you money every month.

The most common sources of electricity leakage are in your house right now, eating up power and driving up your energy bills. How serious of an issue is this? The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that 75% of power used by appliances is actually vampire electricity. That means you’re only using about a quarter of the energy you’re paying for.

Get the scoop on the identity of these common electricity vampires — and learn what to do about them.

Phantom Electricity Appliance List

phantom electricity

For the penny pinchers out there, nothing’s worse than knowing you’re losing money month-after-month. Every time the electricity bill comes in the mail or gets automatically withdrawn from your account, energy vampires feast.

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However, electronics are a crucial part of practically every American home in 2019. We’d never advocate going without the devices that make our lives easier and more fun — you just need to know what’s really happening and make sensible choices about it.

Here are two lists for you to consider: one of major phantom electricity appliances and one of lesser energy wasters.

Biggest Vampire Electricity Culprits

  • TVs
  • Desktop computer (sleep mode)
  • Laptop (plugged in but NOT charging)
  • Video game console
  • Cable/satellite TV box

These electronics are among the biggest electricity wasters in your home, no question. Almost all of these devices sit in standby mode when “off” but plugged in. This allows them to be conveniently activated at the push of a button, at the expense of wasting your electricity — and your money.

Secondary Vampire Electricity Culprits

  • Cell phone charger
  • Microwave
  • Printer
  • Musical instruments
  • Cable modem
  • Electric razor
  • Electric toothbrush stand
  • Blender

While these electronics also waste power, their amount of electricity leakage is minuscule compared to any of the primary phantom electricity culprits. However, these also tend to be much easier to unplug. Make it a habit to unplug these devices when you’re done.

Solutions to Electricity Leakage

solution to electricity leakage

The only real solution to dealing with electricity leakage is to unplug or cut power to any electronics when you’re finished with them. However, manually unplugging all of these appliances can be time-consuming and inconvenient.

Taking care of those big money wasters is definitely a place to focus. In the case of the TV, cable box, and video game console, those plugs are likely hidden out of sight and a bit hard to get to. Instead, we recommend putting all of your appliances on power strips. That way when you’re finished with the TV, stereo, and video game system, you can cut the power to all with the flick of a switch. This is the easiest way to see a few dollars in saving every month, without having to change your routine, too.

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