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How to Reduce Dust at Home

If you have a dusty house, chances are you know it and you’re tired of hearing about it. From the sniffing and sneezing to the layer of dust that covers everything, you want some relief. We can help with real strategies to reduce dust at home today!

At Vertex Mechanical, we’re primarily known as a cutting-edge HVAC company, but we are always dedicated to keeping your home as comfortable as possible. Your HVAC system has more to do with air quality and dust than you might have thought — that’s why we’ve put together these 8 tips to reduce dust in your home.

8 Tips to Help a Dusty House

how to reduce dust

To learn how to reduce dust in your home, it helps to know where dust comes from. More complicated than you’d think, dust is made up of skin cells, pollen, fabric, and even dirt from the outside, all floating around in the air.

Check out our tips to clean up your dusty house — and to keep it that way:

1. Change Your HVAC Filter Regularly

Since airborne dust aggravates allergies and asthma, clearing the air is a good way to improve your breathing and keep your house cleaner at the same time. Your HVAC system comes with filters designed to pull dust from the air — but most homeowners don’t clean them enough to be effective. You need to clean your air filter every 30 to 90 days (depending on the size) to reduce dust.

Learn more about how often to change your filters.

2. Dust Out of the Way Surfaces

That’s right, we’re saying the solution to reduce dust in your home is to dust your house more…brilliant, we know. There’s more to it, though. While you’ll always remember to dust obvious surfaces like countertops and tables, you need to pay attention to out of the way surfaces like baseboards and door frames, too. The dust that builds on these surfaces tends to grow thick and re-enter the air supply.

3. Vacuum Your Carpets Once a Week

Fighting back against your dusty house is a once-a-week mission you need to undertake. Since your carpet is a notorious staging ground for dust, you need to vacuum and capture it before it ever has the chance to build-up. And if you have an incredibly old vacuum that kicks up more dust than it traps, you may need to upgrade to a better option.

4. Take off Your Shoes

According to some reports on the subject, up to 80 percent of dust particles enter your home on people’s shoes. While that figure might be a little high for the average home, you can still reduce the amount of dust floating around by taking off your shoes before you walk around the house.

5. Wash Your Blankets and Sheets Often

Just like carpets are unfortunately effective dust factories, so are bedclothes and bed sheets. These tend to trap a lot of skin cells while you’re sleeping and then release them into the air. Wash ALL of your bedclothes once a week to reduce dust at home.

6. Toss the Clutter

We’re not advocating embracing total minimalism to help with your dusty house, but if you’re storing a lot of junk, it can make the issue worse. Whether you’re storing piles of old books, decades-old stuffed animals, or something else, clutter contributes to dust. That dust can travel way past the room you store it in and make the rest of the house dusty, too.

7. Keep the Windows Closed

A cool spring breeze can be a bit overrated if you have dust-related allergies or asthma. Keep your windows closed, especially during the springtime to keep your indoor air clean and to help reduce dust. This tip is crucial for allergy and asthma sufferers who are likely already having a rough spring season.

Learn more about spring allergies and your HVAC system.

8. Upgrade to the Air Scrubber

While all of our other tips to reduce dust in your home were DIY, this is where you can bring in the HVAC pros for backup. If you want the cleanest home air, which goes a long way towards rectifying a dusty house, then you want the Air Scrubber. This HVAC innovation is the most effective air cleaner device on the market.

Introducing the Air Scrubber

Developed to clean the air on the international space station, the Air Scrubber now cleans the air in your home, too. This system mounts out of sight in your HVAC vents and pulls particles and contaminants from your home air with unparalleled efficiency.

The Air Scrubber is rated as being a whopping 50X more effective at cleaning the air than a standard HVAC filter. Want to really reduce the dust at home? Make the Air Scrubber your secret weapon.

While there are other similar products on the market, the Air Scrubber is the most convenient and the most efficient. That’s why Vertex Mechanical endorses it.

Team with Vertex Mechanical to Reduce Dust at Home

At Vertex Mechanical, we are committed to helping all of our customers enjoy the most comfortable homes, and reducing dust is a part of that. Whether it is a matter of needing help understanding the HVAC filters your system requires, or you want to upgrade to the industry-leading Air Scrubber, we can help.

Contact the air quality experts at Vertex Mechanical to learn more about the healthiest home air possible.

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