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Could This Be the Cure-All for Air Quality Issues?

About a year and a half ago I was contacted by a company selling a product called the Air Scrubber that seemed too good to be true. They claimed they had a product that would deodorize, sanitize and clean the bad air in my home and make it smell fresh and clean while killing harmful bacteria and viruses. As a husband with four children, I can tell you I was pretty skeptical.

I agreed to a meeting with the company, mainly just to prove them wrong. They agreed to allow me to test the unit in my home and try it out. I installed the unit and decided not to tell my wife to see if she noticed any difference in the air quality of our home. One day she asked me if I had done something to our heating and cooling system because she thought the house smelled like “fresh sheets.”

Ok, so the Air Scrubber passed the freshness test. But what about the other claims?

Anyone who has multiple children in school knows when one gets a cold or some sort of bug, the rest are almost guaranteed to follow suit. After installing the Air Scrubber, I noticed when one of them became sick it generally stayed with them and didn’t spread to the rest of the family. Coincidence? Maybe.

So what about the elimination of odors? One day I made fish on the stove instead of the outside grill knowing my wife does not like me bringing that fishy smell into the house. Within an hour of making it the fish smell was gone. Unwilling to admit defeat, I said “Let’s burn bacon!” so I could test both the smell and the smoke. It took about 20 minutes to create a nice blue haze in the kitchen. Incredibly, within 30 minutes there was no smell or smoke residue to be found. Another point for Air Scrubber.

The final test was my son, who has asthma and occasionally requires breathing treatments after an attack. To date, he hasn’t needed a breathing treatment since the Air Scrubber was installed. While the first two tests provided impressive results, this one turned me into a believer.

The reason the Air Scrubber works so well is because it is built with the same technology developed and used for the International Space Station and is recognized as the exclusive Certified Space Technology by the Space Foundation in its category.

In simple terms, it utilizes a cell to energize the air molecules as they pass through your HVAC duct system. The energized molecules, which have a lot of the same characteristics of hydrogen peroxide, go throughout the entire home via your duct system. As these energized molecules come in contact with airborne dust or viruses it zaps and sterilizes them and they fall to the floor for your sweeper. It also sanitizes all surface areas using the same process.

It’s been a little over a year since I have been offering the Air Scrubber to my customers. Some are looking to get rid of smoke or pet odor. Others have allergies or asthma. Some just want to protect their families from colds and viruses. The feedback I received from them on the positive results has convinced me this product delivers on its promises.

Because I am so confident in the system and feel strongly it will improve the air quality of your home, I offer a complete refund plus the cost of installation to customers who don’t see an improvement within 90 days. The Air Scrubber made me a believer, and I’m one of the toughest critics you’ll find. Call us to learn more.

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