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Can Air Filters Help Asthma and Allergy Sufferers?

Do air filters for asthma and air filters for allergies actually help you breathe better? This is an important question — and one that’s on a lot of people’s minds. Since both allergies and asthma are chronic conditions that are managed — not cured — people are looking for solutions that go beyond allergy pills and inhalers. It’s 100% true that the air you breathe can be a major component in aggravating respiratory conditions. Some air filters and air purifiers can have a MAJOR impact on asthma and allergies — others are just fancy-looking, high-priced placebos.

What’s our recommendation on air filters for asthma and allergies? We recommend, install, and stand behind the Air Scrubber, a vent mounted filter that uses technology initially developed for the international space station.

How strongly do we believe in the Air Scrubber? We offer a full 90-day satisfaction guarantee — on the technology and the labor. You will breathe better and enjoy a host of other benefits with this air filter for allergies and asthma — or you get 100% of your money back.

Learn more about this superstar air filter and how dirty indoor air can make allergies and asthma much worse — especially for children.

Indoor Air Pollution

When you think of air pollution, chances are you think of thick clouds of smog billowing from factories. That’s outdoor air pollution — not good for your breathing, but not a factor for most people.

outdoor air pollution

Indoor air pollution, on the other hand, makes allergies and asthma worse for countless Americans every day — and most people have no clue. Examples of indoor air pollution include:

• Dust
• Animal dander
• Pollen
• Organic growth in vents
• VOCs from unsealed household chemicals and paints

In fact, the EPA estimates that indoor air pollution is, on average, TWO to FIVE TIMES worse than the outside.


Yikes. Getting some fresh air never sounded like such good advice.

How Indoor Air Quality Affects Allergies and Asthma

If you already have sensitive lungs and a sensitive respiratory system, that polluted indoor air is like dumping moonshine on a grease fire.


Asthmatic lungs are already somewhat constricted by nature of the condition. They are also much more sensitive to dust, pollen, smoke, bacteria, and more.

asthma-inflamed bronchial tube

The particulate matter from that indoor air pollution causes the lungs to tighten even more, causing the coughing and choking associated with an asthma attack. The more and more time spent breathing in filthy indoor air, the worse the lungs become. This is especially a risk for grade-school children suffering from asthma.


In much of the same way that indoor air pollution aggravates the lungs of asthma patients, the noses and sinuses of allergy sufferers can also pay the price. When you breathe pollution in, the same harmful particulates wreak havoc on the sinuses, causing the sniffing, sneezing and pressure that are the trademark of allergies.

Particulates from indoor air pollution worsening allergies

Here’s the real kicker though: asthma and allergies also come as a package deal for many, many people. So unfortunately, if you have one, you’re susceptible to the respiratory tag-team of allergies and asthma.

The Air Scrubber: Our Recommended Air Filter for Asthma and Allergies

You’d do just about anything to see your loved ones experience relief. Unfortunately cleaning the microscopic pollution from your air is a bit more challenging than cleaning your countertop.

Since the air pollution causing the allergies and asthma is airborne, your protection needs to be as well.

Formally introducing the Air Scrubber.

True to its name, the Air Scrubber only does one thing: cleans the air in your home — and it does it with unparalleled effectiveness.

Developed to keep the air clean on the international space station, the Air Scrubber eradicates harmful indoor air pollutants. Mounted out of sight in your ducts, the Air Scrubber uses electricity to charge air molecules that pass through the scrubber system. These charged air molecules travel throughout your home via the vents, trapping the harmful particulates of indoor air pollution.

The manufacturer rates their air filter for allergies and asthma as 50 TIMES more effective than a standard HVAC filter.

dust on woman finger

If you’re hoping for the best with a normal filter, you can upgrade to air that’s 50 TIMES cleaner and healthier. Truly clean indoor air means lungs and sinuses that aren’t under attack from particles such as dust, animal dander, pollens, VOCs, and nasty organic growths. While this device can’t cure either serious medical condition, it does prevent your home air from aggravating the conditions.

The difference it makes is astounding — you and your family will notice.

How confident are we in this powerful piece of technology? We offer a Vertex Mechanical exclusive Air Scrubber Guarantee:

If you don’t see an improvement within 90 days, we reimburse you 100% for the Air Scrubber and for our time spent installing it.

Other Air Scrubber Benefits

If you or your children suffer from allergies and asthma, finding relief for them is invaluable — that’s what you’ll appreciate most about the Air Scrubber.

young woman using disc-shaped asthma inhaler

However, NASA-designed HVAC innovation does offer some other benefits too, such as:

• Naturally fresh smelling vents
• Reduction in contagious flu and cold germs
• The ability to filter out bad smells quickly – like burnt food

Contact Us Today to Discuss the Air Scrubber

At Vertex Mechanical, we only endorse products we respect and products we use in our own homes.

We’re not a national chain, our technicians don’t work on commission and we don’t hard sell. Instead, we offer the HVAC solutions to help you live better and feel better.

If you’d like to learn more about the Air Scrubber and how it can improve asthma and allergies, get in contact with us.

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