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7 Surprising Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

Strange but unfortunately true: the air in your home is between TWO to FIVE times more polluted than the air outside. Pretty shocking. What’s even more surprising: some of the sources of indoor air pollution that are in your home this very moment.

Make no mistake, chances are that you are absolutely safe. However, you could always take steps to improve the air quality in your home. Learn about some of the most unexpected sources of indoor air pollution — and what to do about them.

List of Unexpected Indoor Air Pollutants

paint causing poor air quality in your home

The possibility of anything amiss in the home you and your family share is an unsettling feeling. With the exception of carbon monoxide from your furnace, the majority of sources of indoor air pollution only cause respiratory problems in low doses.

However, if you or one of your kids has unexplained allergies or asthma, the air quality in your home might be a factor. Here are the 7 sources of indoor air pollution that might be hiding in plain sight:

  1. Paints — Whether it’s cheap paint all over the walls or unsealed cans of paint sitting in your basement, the volatile organic chemicals in paint can off gas and enter the air of your home. Some of these chemicals include tolulene, xylene, ethyl acetate and more, Good news: paint manufacturers are working to make their products safer using less toxic components. Learn more about which plants clean indoor air.
  2. Budget Priced Furniture — One of the big surprises on this list of indoor air pollutants, cheap furniture is often put together with adhesives and finished with harsh chemicals that contain formaldehyde. As is the case for the VOCs in paint, overtime, the formaldehyde begins to evaporate, causing you to breathe it in.
  3. New Carpets — Getting new carpets can actually help reduce dust in your home, but it might stimulate another form of indoor air pollution. Some adhesives used for gluing carpeting to the floor are composed of harsh VOCs that are very similar to the ones in paint. Since carpet is all over your home, off gassing can contribute to an indoor air quality issue.
  4. Dust — Dust is in every home, no matter how diligent you are at cleaning. However, in some ultra-dusty houses, the dust particles can be a real respiratory trigger. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to fight back against this irritant and improve the air quality in your home. Learn more about how to reduce dust at home.
  5. Electronics — As a nation, we love our electronics — from our jumbo TVs to our massive sound systems. However, they are very real, very unexpected sources of indoor air pollution. The manufacturing of new electronic goods often traps VOCs in the equipment. Overtime, those chemicals are released into the air.
  6. Pet Dander — Pets are one of the best parts of life, but there are a few things you need to accept if you live with one. Namely, dander. While pet dander isn’t a harmful chemical, it can irritate the sinuses and lungs of people — whether or not they’re allergic. Discover how your HVAC can reduce pet dander.
  7. Outdoor Pollution — No house is truly air tight and that means outdoor pollution can work its way inside of any home. For example, if you live by a busy road, you may have noticed that your house sometimes smells like exhaust. This can happen with a wide variety of outdoor pollutants, whether or not you smell it.

This list of indoor air pollutants isn’t complete, but it’s a great place to start. Even though you may have just gotten new carpets or just painted, it doesn’t mean your home is unsafe, it just means you may want to be more diligent about keeping the widows open.

However, if you’re ready to take charge of the air quality in your home, we have a high-tech solution for you.

The Air Scrubber: The Best Indoor Air Cleaner

clean indoor air with the air scrubber

Just because you can’t see the indoor air pollution doesn’t mean you can’t eliminate it. Enter the air scrubber.

Designed to purify the air on the international Space Station, the air scrubber is mounted inside your HVAC system vents. Once activated the Air Scrubber positively charges molecules in the air, trapping those harmful air pollution particles.

How effective is this space age filtration system? 50 times more powerful than a standard HVAC filter! With the Air Scrubber in place, your home air will be cleaner — guaranteed. If you have allergies and asthma, you’ll notice the difference right away.

At Vertex Mechanical, we stand behind the Air Scrubber 100%. We promise that if you don’t see an improvement in 90 days, we pay you back for the equipment and our time spent installing it.

Vertex Mechanical for All of your Air Quality Needs

At Vertex Mechanical, we’re dedicated to keeping your home feeling comfortable and healthy. Whether you want to learn more about the air scrubber or any of our other indoor air quality solutions, get in touch.

Contact us today for a free consultation — and for your Air Scrubber quote.

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