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5 Best Plants to Clean Indoor Air

You might have never made the connection before, but a green thumb leads to healthier lungs. That’s right — having certain houseplants placed throughout your home can actually clean the air you breathe every day. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best plants to clean indoor air — they’re easy to find, safe for kids and pets, and they contribute to your home décor.

Since Vertex Mechanical is your indoor air quality specialist, we’re all about ensuring you breathe the healthiest air. We’re not the first ones to realize the role houseplants play in cleaning indoor air — in fact, NASA released a study proving the connection. See our list of the 5 best air purifying plants.

5 Air Purifying Indoor Plants

Big question: why do you need air purifying plants in your home? Well, the EPA estimates that indoor air quality is actually 2 to 5 times worse than the outside. Most homes have some volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including formaldehyde, benzene, and others that stem from household chemicals polluting the indoor air. Plants are a great way to fight back.

While numerous plants have been shown to filter toxins from the air, they aren’t all perfect for everyone’s home. The ficus, for example, is a good filter but is toxic if eaten, making it a bad choice for families with pets and kids.

Learn more about pets’ impact on indoor air quality.

These air purifying plants are beautiful, easy-to-find, and effective.

1. Peace Lily — Recognizable for its beautiful white flower, a peace lily is a great choice to filter the air. This small potted plant is a great addition as a centerpiece on your table. Peace lilies are noted to be effective at filtering benzene, which is found in some paints and furniture waxes. Just keep the peace lily out of direct sunlight to enjoy the benefits.

peace lily
indoor spider plant

2. Spider Plants — One of the hardiest and easiest to grow houseplants, spider plants are great for green thumbs and novices alike. This arachnid-named plant filters both benzene and formaldehyde, which can come from cigarette smoke and certain plywood products. While they don’t demand as much water as some other finicky plants, just make sure they receive lots of indirect sunlight.

3. Mums — A colorful bloom backed by powerful air filtration, mums are one of the best plants to clean indoor air. Mums tackle formaldehyde, benzene, and even ammonia, which is found in some cleaning products. Another great thing about these flowers is that you can buy them practically EVERYWHERE in the spring and fall from your garden center or from roadside stands.

indoor mums
snake plant

4. Snake Plant — This houseplant has interesting spear-shaped leaves and the distinction of being one of the easiest houseplants for anyone to grow. Beyond that, snake plants are among the best air purifying indoor plants you can find, removing all of the usual suspects from your home’s air.

5. Bamboo Plant — While bamboo might not match every homeowner’s décor, it is among the best plants to clean indoor air, being particularly good at removing formaldehyde. You know what else bamboo is famous for? Growing really fast and being difficult to kill! Leave your bamboo plant in direct sunlight and pretty soon you’ll have little bamboo air filters to give to all of your friends.

indoor bamboo plant

All of these air filtering houseplants do an effective job, add a splash of color to your home, and are fairly inexpensive. The only downside to bringing plants into your home: the pollen. All plants produce pollen which can trigger allergies and asthma in some people.

Learn more about how to combat allergies and asthma.

Powerful Air Filtration from Vertex Mechanical

While plants are a great DIY remedy for indoor air quality, there is also a whole spectrum of high-tech professional ways to clean your home air as well.

Another NASA innovation, the Air Scrubber is the most effective indoor air cleaner on the market — and Vertex Mechanical makes it available to our customers. Mounted out of sight in your ductwork, the Air Scrubber is more than 50 TIMES more effective than a traditional filter. Not only does the Air Scrubber make your home air cleaner, but it has also been proven to help allergy and asthma sufferers, too.

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