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Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to be Replaced

Those sweltering hot summer days make you thankful for your air conditioner — it works hard everyday to keep you cool and comfortable no matter the temperature outside. No good thing lasts forever, though, including your AC. If you don’t want to experience a boiling hot day without it, you need to watch for the signs your air conditioner needs to be replaced.

At Vertex Mechanical, we’re the Lancaster, PA HVAC contractor that keeps you cool no matter what. Since even one blazing hot summer day without air conditioning is too many, you need to stay on the lookout for the signs your AC is on its last leg. Read our blog to discover the 7 main signs your air conditioner needs to be replaced — and find out what you can do about it.

7 Signs Your AC is Going Out

signs your ac is going out

You don’t need to be an HVAC expert to pick up when something is a little off. These signs your AC is going out all relate to simple (but important) things you can observe just by taking a closer look. While you’re ready to start the detective work yourself, remember — you can always call the experts at Vertex Mechanical to inspect your system and give you a definitive answer.

  1. Your AC is Noisy — Give your system a listen, inside or outside. If you hear a whistling sound coming from the inside components, that’s a definite warning sign your AC has seen better days. If you listen to the outdoor unit and it sounds labored and clunky, that’s a tell-tale clue your system might not survive the summer. Noise is one of the can’t-miss signs your air conditioner needs to be replaced.
  2. It Looks Like it’s Seen Better Days — Judging a book by its cover is bad life advice, but it is a good way to tell if your AC system might die soon. If your outdoor unit is rusty, cracked, or broken looking on the outside, that’s a key indicator that the inside is probably broken, too.

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  3. Leakage around Your System — A key sign your air conditioner needs to be replaced: if you see water on the floor around the indoor air handler, that’s not good. While it comes with age in general, leakage can also be a sign of an impending AC breakdown.
  4. Your Utility Bill Spiked —You can’t find one of the biggest signs your AC is going out by looking at the system — but by looking at your mail instead. If you see a huge spike in you electricity bill (and nothing else in your home has changed), that suggests there is something amiss with your system. Most times your electrical bill spikes when the system is failing is because it has to work harder to produce the same amount of cool air.

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  5. Performance on Hot Days — Even systems that are on the way out can do an easy job. Seeing how well your air conditioner handles a scorcher is a key indicator of how long it will last. If your AC struggles to bring the indoor temperature 15 or 20 degrees below the outside temp, that’s a sign you’ll need to replace it soon.
  6. General Home Comfort — So, how good is your air conditioner? No complaints, or needs improvement? If your air conditioner is not doing a particularly good job of keeping your home cool and comfortable, that’s a sign your AC is going out soon. If your house always feels too humid or too stuffy, that indicates that your system is failing to push enough air… and the worst is yet to come.
  7. Oil around the Outdoor Unit — While excess water leaking out of your system is bad enough, seeing oil leakage is much worse. If you see oil around your outdoor unit, it’s pretty much a sign that your AC is about to grind to a halt. This leak is a sign of much larger issues — contact us to get ahead of the problem.

The Value of an AC Tune-Up

expert air conditioner tune up

If your system is at the end of its life, you may be facing a brand-new AC installation. There’s no question that a new heating and air conditioning system is a serious investment into your home. One of the best ways to protect that investment — and to extend your system’s lifespan — is with yearly AC tune-ups.

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During a tune-up, the expert HVAC technicians at Vertex Mechanical will restore your system to maximum efficiency, all while hunting for the signs your AC is going out.

Learn more about a Vertex AC tune-up.

Seen any of the Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to be Replaced? Call Us!

While these signs your air conditioner needs replaced are easy enough to find, fixing them is where we takeover. Bringing out a professional immediately is your best chance to save the system, ensuring you never need to face a miserable summer day without air conditioning.

If you recognize 1 or more of these warning signs, don’t wait and don’t put it off — reach out to us today!

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