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Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

Trying to decide: should I repair or replace my air conditioner is a tough choice for any homeowner. While it can feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, there are benefits to each option.

Either way, there is no easy answer to a difficult question like this one. When deciding to repair or replace your air conditioner, you need to consider the price of the repair, the age of the system, and a whole lot more. The best way to keep your system running strong? Our HVAC service plans offered as part of the Comfort Shield Club.

Since this is a common HVAC issue that homeowners have to face, we’ll break it down for you. At Vertex Mechanical, we’re here to help ensure that you have the facts to make a fully informed decision — get the scoop on repairing vs replacing your air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Repair vs. Replacement

A blazing hot summer day, outside and inside. You keep turning down the thermostat but it’s not getting any cooler. You know what that means: your AC is acting up again.

While every situation and every AC system are different, here are the 6 things to consider when deciding should I repair or replace my air conditioner:

  1. Does the System use R-22? — This is as close to a hard-and-fast answer that we can give. If your system still uses the soon-to-be-banned and hyper-expensive R-22, it isn’t in your financial interest to repair it. You’ll end up outright replacing the system in the near future anyway, so that repair cost today should go towards a down payment on your new system in the future. Learn more about the R-22 ban.
  2. Price of the Repair — Like your car, your air conditioner is a serious investment, so spending money on necessary repairs is to be expected. However, there comes a point when the repairs are too expensive to justify. Generally, any repair over $700 should raise a red flag and make you think about replacing your air conditioner.
  3. Warranty Situation — Increasingly, AC system manufacturers are offering longer warranties — in fact, 10-year warranties are quite common these days. While these warranties generally only cover parts, not labor or refrigerant, they can still make repairs more cost-effective. If your system is still under warranty and will be for the foreseeable future, it makes repair a better choice.
  4. Air Conditioner Age — It’s no secret that AC manufacturers are working hard to build more energy-efficient systems than ever before. While that’s good, the focus on the efficiency has actually reduced the lifespan of most systems. For example, the average air conditioner lasts about 12 years. If your system is close to that age and needs a costly repair, you’re better off replacing it. However, if you’re not anywhere close to that mark, you may be able to go a few more years without an issue, making a repair the better of the two choices.
  5. Organic Growth Issues — Another factor to consider is whether there is mold or organic growth present in your system. Some air conditioning systems are home to mold and other organic growth. If your system is harboring these issues and needs a repair, we recommend going for the upgrade. You’ll eliminate the mold by upgrading your system.
  6. Performance — Deciding should I repair or replace my air conditioner is mostly a financial question, but there is also an element of system performance. If you’re not satisfied with the performance you’re getting from your system, it doesn’t make sense to pay to keep it around. Whether your current system has humidity issues, is badly balanced, or just doesn’t keep you cool, you can absolutely fix ALL of those issues by upgrading to a new system.

Vertex Mechanical for Air Conditioner Repair and Replacement

new trane ac units

Whether you decide to repair or replace your air conditioner, Vertex Mechanical is the team you want on your side.

If you choose to go the repair route, we provide complete air conditioning repair that will help restore your home comfort.

However, if you want to upgrade, we install a series of air conditioners to match your home and your budget. In addition, as part of new air conditioner installation, our Vertex Mechanical HVAC technicians upgrade the ductwork to match your brand-new system — very few other air conditioning companies take that crucial step.

If you’re ready to have the conversation about upgrading or repairing your air conditioner, Vertex Mechanical is always here to help.

Contact us today!

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