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How to Reduce Cooling Costs over the Summer

Those blistering hot summer temperatures make you thankful for the power of your air conditioner. However, all that air conditioning comes at a price — one that comes every month in the form of your energy bills. Nobody likes the sky-high cost of summer electricity bills, and that’s why today’s blog focuses on how to reduce cooling costs.

At Vertex Mechanical, we’re a full-service heating and cooling company that services Lancaster County and the surrounding areas. Not only do we perform all of the work to keep your home comfortable all summer long, but we also are here to keep you informed about energy savings, air quality, and more. Read on to see our 7 easy answers that reduce cooling costs!

7 Ways to Reduce Your AC Bill

Our goal with this list is to give you ideas to reduce your AC bill without sacrificing your comfort. Maintaining a realistic home temperature is more important than ever with the kids home from school and many of us still working from home. These ideas will make an impact on your monthly energy bill without leaving you to sweat it out:

1. Close the Blinds
Whenever you aren’t using a room during the day, keep the blinds closed. The bright summer sun pouring in can actually contribute to heat gain, causing your AC to work harder.

reduce cooling costs with closed blinds

By leaving the blinds closed, experts estimate that you’ll enjoy an up to 33% reduction in heat gain from the summer sun. While this isn’t a main factor, it is an easy way to reduce your AC bill.

2. Schedule an AC Tune-Up
One of the main reasons we see behind a spike in summer bills is that the air conditioner isn’t running as efficiently as it could be. This occurs after a few summers of running hard without professional maintenance. If you can’t remember the last time you had your air conditioner serviced, you need it ASAP! Not only do our AC tune-ups prevent emergency breakdowns, but they can dramatically increase your AC efficiency. Don’t wait — schedule a tune-up today to reduce cooling costs!

ac tune up to reduce your ac bill

Learn more about everything that’s included with our AC tune-ups.

3. Use Ceiling Fans
If you have a ceiling fan in your home, use it! While the gentle breeze of a ceiling fan doesn’t cool the air, it keeps the air moving, which can make you feel cooler. While both devices run off electricity, a ceiling fan uses dramatically less than a heavy-duty HVAC system.

ceiling fan used to reduce cooling costs

When combined with the other tips on our list, this can lead to a notable cut in your monthly bill.

4. Remember that Every Degree Counts
While air conditioning is absolutely a near-necessity for both reasons of comfort and health, reducing the demand on your system can reduce your AC bill. We estimated that over the winter, for every degree above 70 degrees that you keep your home’s temperature at, you’d pay an additional 3%.

checking thermostat to reduce your ac bill

This holds true for your air conditioner, and approximately every degree you drop the temperature costs you about the same 3% per degree. This doesn’t mean that we recommend being uncomfortable in your home, but we want to remind you that every degree counts.

5. Keep Vents Clear
Here’s a simple thing you can do to guarantee you aren’t wasting even a breath of conditioned air. Go on a sweep of your house and make sure there aren’t any obstructions blocking your vents. After all, if some of the cool air isn’t making it into the room, you’re paying for it without getting the benefit.

clearing vents to reduce cooling costs

6. Break out the Grill
Grilling and eating your meals outside is a summer tradition regardless of trying to reduce cooling costs. However, this can actually be an important part of limiting how hard your AC has to work. Cooking a full meal in your oven or on your stove releases quite a bit of ambient heat — heat that your AC needs to work overtime to counteract.

grilling outside to reduce your ac bill

By cooking outside, you don’t spike the indoor temperature. As a bonus, when you come back inside from eating dinner, the house will feel cool and comfortable by comparison.

7. Invest in Zoning
Here’s a professional-level solution to reduce your AC bill while making your home more comfortable at the same time. Zoning, or a zoned HVAC system, is a type of home upgrade that splits your home into multiple zones, allowing you to have total control over the temperature in your house. By only cooling the rooms that people are actively using, you use your AC sparingly and more judiciously. This results in MASSIVE energy savings all year round.

However, unlike the other solutions on this list, zoning does require a larger upfront investment — but the amount you reduce cooling costs is bigger, too! If you think zoning might be the answer for you, our team would be happy to talk.

reduce cooling costs with zoned hvac system

Learn more about zoning and schedule a FREE zoning estimate!

Get to Know Vertex Mechanical

If you’re a current customer or have worked with us in the past, welcome back! However, if this is the first time you’re learning about Vertex Mechanical, we’d like to tell you a little about us. Pretty much anything your house needs to stay safe and comfortable, we specialize in it — including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and much more.

On the personal side, we’re a 100% family owned local company. To earn more business, our home service team focuses on doing the good work you need — not upselling you on tons of extras. That means when you have a Vertex team member out to your home — whether for an emergency or for a tune-up to reduce your AC bill — you can relax. We’re there to help, not to sell you anything you don’t want or need.

Work with Us to Reduce Cooling Costs

If you can’t remember the last time you had a professional service for your air conditioner, having that done right now is the best thing you can do to reduce summer cooling costs. Plus, it might save you from a costly and inconvenient emergency breakdown, too.

Reach out today to schedule your appointment and to start a relationship with the trusted local HVAC experts!

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