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Ductless Air Conditioning Options Compared

If your home doesn’t have air conditioning ductwork or central air, hot summer days can feel downright miserable. While installing ductwork into a home is always a possibility, the process is expensive, and most homeowners want other solutions. Fortunately, there are ductless air conditioning options that you can bring home this summer.

At Vertex Mechanical, we’re the cooling company that provides you all of the info you need to make a decision — and offers the full range of services to get it done. The two main ductless air conditioning options are window units and ductless mini splits. We’re going to explore both.

Read on to learn about mini splits vs. window air conditioners — and to find the solution that will keep you cool on a budget this summer.

Comparing Mini Splits vs. Window Air Conditioners

When comparing mini splits vs. window air conditioners, it helps to define what each one does — and then break down the pros and cons of each system.

Mini splits or ductless mini splits are small space or single room air conditioners installed by HVAC companies. These modern solutions provide the power and convenience close to that of a central air system without ever installing ducts.

On the other hand, tried-and-true window mounted air conditioners are sold in almost any big box appliance store you visit. Most homeowners choose to install these themselves in the room or rooms they most want to keep cool. These big bulky systems run off of electricity and need to be plugged into an outlet.

Mini Air Conditioning Splits: Pros & Cons

mini splits vs window air conditioners

This professional option has become popular in the last few years bringing a permanent AC solution to old homes that needed a ductless air conditioning option:


  • Energy efficient performance — Mini splits come with a variety of different levels of energy efficiency. Compared to window units, mini splits are a more efficient solution.
  • Cools rooms effectively and evenly — The cooling quality of a mini split system is the best you’ll find among ductless air conditioning.
  • Also provide heat — Another win when comparing mini splits vs. window air conditioners is that mini splits are versatile and can also heat the space in the winter.
  • Lasts as long as any other piece of HVAC technology — Like any other real heating and cooling system, these mini splits are built to last.


  • More expensive initial price — Compared to a unit that you buy in a store, purchasing and installing a mini split will be more expensive up front. However, the longer lifespan and the long-term energy savings can make up for it.

Learn Just How Affordable a Mini Split Is

Window Air Conditioner: Pros & Cons

window air conditioner

You can find them anywhere and install them yourself, so it doesn’t get much simpler than that. However, there are some issues and downsides that can make this solution look a little outdated.


  • Fairly easy to set up on your own — You can buy one of these almost anywhere and set it up the same day.
  • Low initial price — While nobody would say window air conditioning units are cheap, they do cost a bit less upfront than installing real piece of HVAC technology.


  • Often not energy efficient — Compared to having central air or a mini split, this type of air conditioning will cause your summer cooling bills to spike. Learn more about cutting cooling costs.
  • Shorter lifespan — These window units aren’t built to last and often breakdown a few summers into owning them. This makes the initial low price less attractive.
  • Water can leak out — On some window units, water can leak out from the main unit even if the unit is running properly. Keeping after this is somewhat of an inconvenience.
  • Looks big and bulky — Not the most practical reason but when comparing your ductless air conditioning options, it’s important to keep in mind. These big out of place window units ruin your home décor both inside and outside.

Learn About Our Smart Financing Options

There are valid reasons to choose both mini splits and window air conditioners. While window units are cheap and easy upfront, they don’t have the same long-term value. However, if you’re planning to move in just a year or two, this might not be a problem.

On the other hand, while a ductless mini split is more expensive, it provides energy efficiency and lasting value. It all depends on if you want to long-term invest in your home.

Learn More about Your Ductless Air Conditioning Options with Vertex

If you’re ready to invest in your home and install a mini split, you’re in the right place. At Vertex Mechanical, we’re the heating and cooling team to trust for all of your installations, maintenance, and repairs.

Contact us to learn more about keeping cool — and to get your FREE quote today!

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