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Common Air Conditioner Problems

Over the sweltering months of summer, you come to appreciate the work your air conditioner puts in everyday to keep you cool. So, when your air conditioner fails, loses some effectiveness, or just acts weird — you get concerned. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting the most common air conditioner problems and giving you the details about them.

At Vertex Mechanical, we’re a Lancaster, PA HVAC company that provides a wide range of services to keep our clients comfortable year-round. We’re always available to provide emergency services to everyone in our service area. Read on to learn about the most common air conditioner problems we see — or reach out right now to get help ASAP!

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5 Home AC Issues You Need to Know About

home ac issues

Your air conditioning is a complex system with multiple moving parts that all need to function properly in order to keep your home cool. While we can’t directly diagnose home AC issues through a blog, we can give you some crucial information.

These are some of the common air conditioner problems we often see:

  1. Blowing Warm Air — This is the opposite of what your air conditioner is supposed to do, so what’s up with it? If your air conditioner is pushing out warm air despite you telling it otherwise, there are a few causes that can be at work here. One of the most common reasons for this is that your air conditioner could be leaking the all-important refrigerant that cools the air. The other reason is that the outdoor compressor could be malfunctioning. You may be able to see a refrigerant leak by looking at the outdoor unit.

    The refrigerant your AC uses may be banned — learn more right here.
  2. AC Shuts Off after a Few Minutes — At first, everything seems normal. Then suddenly, your AC shuts off. In some cases, this is caused by the AC system itself overheating or failing after a few minutes of tough work. This often happens because the system has gone a long time without maintenance. The other common reason behind this is an issue called short cycling in which your AC system is not correctly sized for your home, which causes the system to rapidly turn on and off again in succession.
  3. Weak Air Flow — If you have to put your hands under the vents to even tell your AC is working, you have a problem. A weak air flow is one of the most frustrating home AC issues. There are several potential causes for this and you can even fix one of them on your own. Right off the bat, having clogged air filters can actually cause a noticeable problem with airflow as the dirt dramatically reduces air flow. One of the other reasons for this might be damage to the air ducts themselves, which cause the air to leak out before reaching its destination, thus reducing the air flow.

    Since filters are key to this home AC issue, do you know how often you need to change your filters?
  4. Air Conditioner is Making Unusual Noises — Even when they are working properly, some air conditioners can be downright noisy. However, a new or especially disruptive banging or slapping noise is a sign of common air conditioner problems. This noise is often caused by the fans, motors, or other metal parts in the unit experiencing a problem. This is something to discuss with your HVAC expert.
  5. AC Won’t Turn on at All — When it comes to home AC issues, this is the big one. However, it may actually have a simple solution. In some cases, the problem can be found with your thermostat not connecting properly to the system. In other cases, it can be caused by an electrical problem like a tripped circuit breaker or power being cut from the AC unit. However, if there is a larger issue and you may need a replacement or a large repair, discuss that with a qualified professional.

    Trying to decide if you should repair or replace your AC system? We can help!

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We Fix ALL of the Common Air Conditioner Problems

If you need some help fixing or diagnosing one of these common air conditioner problems, our teams are standing by and are ready to help. Any of these home AC issues can potentially get worse, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and bring out an expert when you have questions or concerns.

At Vertex Mechanical, we’re a local family-owned company that is dedicated to helping our friends and neighbors stay comfortable all summer long.

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