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8 Tips to Cut Your Air Conditioning Bills

When it’s boiling hot outside, most people tend to feel EXTREMELY thankful for their air conditioning. When the electric bill comes the next month, though — and it’s through the roof — that gratitude turns to resent. Hey, we get it — you should be able to enjoy air conditioning temperatures without breaking the bank. That’s where our tips to reduce your air conditioning bills come in.

Just like our tips to trim your heating bills in the winter, these are all about ensuring your HVAC runs as efficiently as possible while reducing how hard it has to work. Since just shutting off your AC isn’t fun or particularly safe, our tips cut your air conditioning bills without sacrificing your comfort or health.

We’re the Lancaster and Berks County air conditioning experts, so check out our tips to cut your air conditioning bills — and trust us for all of your air conditioning service needs.

Vertex Mechanical’s Tips to Trim Your Air Conditioning Bills

As they say, every little bit counts. When you add up every little bit of help from these tips, you can enjoy electric bill savings that are 100% worth your time.

1. Close the Blinds
The sun is one big source of free heat, and we want nothing to do with that. Closing your blinds during the day keeps your home cooler, meaning your AC doesn’t need to work as hard.

closed blinds to trim ac bills

We recommend keeping your blinds closed in rooms you don’t use and when you’re not home. Make it a habit and you can enjoy modest savings.

2. Use a Ceiling Fan
For over a 100 years of American history, a ceiling fan was the only way to keep cool. We can learn from that. While a ceiling fan doesn’t actually lower the air temperature, it circulates the air, making you feel cooler. Using a ceiling fan is an energy efficient way to reduce your dependence on your AC system, which can help trim those excessive summer AC bills.

3. Cook Outside
Not only is barbecuing fun and makes food taste better, but it can actually help cut your AC bills, too. Cooking a full meal indoors releases a lot of excess heat and raises your home temperature by a few degrees, which your AC will have to work hard to cool back down.

cooking outside to trim ac bill

Grilling outside whenever possible is the tastiest energy-savings solution we’ve ever heard.

4. Set a Consistent Temperature
Micromanaging your thermostat by changing it too much can actually cause it work to harder and waste energy. Instead of changing it 10 times a day, set a comfortable temperature and only change it when necessary.

5. Do Your Laundry Later at Night
You might not think about it, but your appliances actually release A TON of extra heat. That’s no big deal most of the year, but when you’re trying to keep your house cool, it makes a difference.

laundry done at night to save on ac bill

Running your washer and dryer when it’s cooler outside can help keep your home cool and comfortable.

6. Use a Programmable Thermostat
While changing your thermostat’s temperature too much is wasteful, there are sometimes when it makes sense. For example, if you’re at work for 8 to 9 hours, you don’t want to be paying to keep your home’s temperature at 72 degrees. Bumping the temp up 2-3 degrees while away for extended periods can make a difference.

Use your programmable thermostat to automatically set a much higher temperature when the house is vacant, and then return to the comfortable temperature before you get back. This is one of the best strategies to take a serious bite out of your AC bill. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat but want one, contact us and we’ll install it!

7. Exercise Inside
What’s the first thing you do when you get back inside from a run in 80+ degree weather? Crank the air conditioning! Since you’re so overheated, you’ll kick the AC into overdrive to compensate, which can be costly especially if you forget to turn it back down again.

woman working out inside

Instead, workout inside and let your local gym foot the AC bill!

8. Schedule an AC Tuneup
During an AC tuneup, our expert technicians restore your system to maximized efficiency, which directly lowers the amount you spend on your air conditioning bill every month. Learn more about an energy-saving Vertex Mechanical tuneup.

Air Conditioning Experts in Lancaster and Berks County PA

While you don’t want to spend an arm and leg on your AC bill, air conditioning is absolutely crucial during the summer. Going without it on a boiling hot summer day is miserable and quite possibly unsafe.

Learn more about how the government ban of a common refrigerant will leave some homeowners facing a huge bill.

Team up with a local air conditioning expert to make sure that your air conditioner runs strong and efficiently all summer long. Vertex Mechanical is available to perform an AC tuneup, handle any and all emergency repair, and to answer all of your AC questions.

Contact us to discuss your air conditioning needs.

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