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7 Reasons Vertex Techs Stand above the Rest

Vertex Mechanical is known throughout South Central PA as an elite heating, cooling, and home service company for numerous reasons. For example, we install industry-leading technology and perform the complicated jobs that other companies have to turn down. In addition, Vertex often makes headlines in industry magazines for completing challenging and noteworthy jobs. However, our skilled technicians are the key to our success — and the real reason Vertex is an industry-leading heating and cooling company.

Like we’ve said, technicians are the most important assets — and at Vertex, we have the best. That’s no accident — discover the 7 things about Vertex that allow our team members to reach such great heights.

The Vertex Differences

A lot of companies talk about a positive company culture — at Vertex, we live it. We do things a little differently from other companies, and it shows in our greatest assets: our team members.

Here are the ways Vertex is different:

  1. Open Communication — Once a week, Vertex meets as a team to discuss recent successes — and any problems. This open communication allows us to learn from our mistakes and share praise as a group. When it comes to addressing any negatives, our open communication is about ensuring everyone learns from the mistake, not placing blame on anyone specific.
  2. True Teamwork — Our technicians are committed to their work and to their customers. This shows up in a few interesting ways. Our incredible team environment means that if one of our techs runs into a question on a job, he won’t hesitate to contact a teammate — even after hours. Our technicians feel that they are always working as a team, so it only makes sense to call the most knowledgeable team member on any particular subject.
  3. Attitude of Appreciation — This is a subtle but powerful difference maker. At Vertex, we work hard to instill an attitude of appreciation in our team from the minute they come aboard. We know that our clients are the reason for everything we do, and our team approaches ALL interactions with that deep-seated sense of gratitude.
  4. Character-Based Hiring Process — Every company will tell you that they only hire the best, but at Vertex we define that a little more selectively. The character of the individual plays as much of a role as does their knowledge. In fact, we often say that what you know gets you in the door, but who you are gets you hired.

    In addition, Vertex occasionally extends an offer of apprenticeship to the right individual, solely based on them having a Vertex character. Learn about joining the elite Vertex Mechanical Team.
  5. No High-Speed Jobs — Some companies try to make money by cramming in as many jobs into their technicians’ schedules as possible. That leaves technicians always watching the clock, and it leaves homeowners feeling like they got shortchanged by a rush job. At Vertex, we make money by building long relationships, not by squeezing as much money out of every single job as possible. Vertex technicians take their time to ensure the work is performed correctly — and answering any questions the homeowner may have.
  6. Manufacturer Training — In addition to consulting with each other, Vertex technicians get the advantage of learning directly from the manufacturers. This elite training allows our technicians to have cutting-edge knowledge on the top brands and hardware.
  7. Long-Term Relationship — Another reason that Vertex technicians are our greatest assets is that they build long-term relationships with customers. Since our technicians like working at Vertex and they stick around for a long time, they begin to build specific knowledge of homes and clients — as well as building personal relationships with them.

What this Means for Our Customers

At Vertex, we don’t just want to be the best for ourselves, we do it to pass that superior service along to our clients. The skill and dedication of every member of our team allows us to be a standout heating and cooling company in Central PA.

Does this sound like a company you’d like looking after your home? Glad to hear it! We’re always accepting new clients — contact us today to start a relationship with the elite team at Vertex Mechanical.

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