Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless Mini Splits in Lancaster, Chester & Berks County PA

This category of equipment is ideal for smaller spaces where spot cooling and heating is required. Residential applications including sunrooms and additions are made easier with these 115 volt air conditioners and heat pumps. If you have a warm spot in your home, these mini-splits can provide extra cooling capacity for those hard to cool areas. Commercially, their small size makes them ideal for small offices, providing individual temperature control.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

The temperature in the house is fine, but the indoor fan runs all the time. What’s wrong?

Sometimes homeowners turn the fan switch to “On” versus “Auto” which causes the indoor fan to run continuously. Turn the switch to auto and the fan should quit.

Is there any advantage to setting my thermostat fan to “on” so the fan runs constantly?

Yes, there are a couple. The first is that you get constant filtering of the air in your home. The second is that because the air is moving, you have a more even temperature throughout the home. However, continuous fan mode during the cooling operation may not be appropriate in humid climates. If the indoor air exceeds 60% humidity or simply feels uncomfortably humid, it is recommended that the fan be used in Auto mode.

Why is my outdoor unit smoking and making a funny noise during the winter?

This is normally just the defrost cycle for the heat pump to melt ice that forms on it. The process only takes a few minutes which means it goes into air conditioning mode to run the hot gas outside and melt the ice off of the unit. While it is in defrost mode it turns on the electric strip heat in the furnace to keep from blasting you with cold air.

I have a heat pump and I got over $400.00 on my electric bill. What has happened?

The heat pump is not working. The electric strip heat in the furnace is keeping the house comfortable. This heat costs 3 times more than heat pump heat. Many people do not realize in the winter that their heat pump is broken because the strip heat continues to keep the house comfortable. If you notice a little light on your thermostat is on, very often you had better check to make sure your outdoor unit is working.

My outdoor unit makes excessive noise all the time. Is this a problem?

Yes. Even though some units are quieter than others, if you suddenly notice a change in the amount of noise your unit is making, chances are your fan blade, motor or compressor are bad.

Why is a matched system important?

A matched system is important for a variety of reasons. One is comfort. When all our components are properly sized to your home, you can control exactly how much heating or cooling you need so you can relax. Also, a properly sized matched system enables every component to perform as designed, meaning proper cycle times are maintained, humidity is controlled, and system sound is minimized. Another reason matched systems are important is efficiency. Most systems people buy are too large for their homes, meaning they pay to heat and cool space that isn’t even there. A matched system outlined by a dealer who has completed a load calculation for your home provides just the right amount of heating and cooling you need so you get the most value for your utility dollar.

What are the advantages of units with variable speed fans?

Variable speed fans operate on a simple principle: they are able to spin at different speeds depending on the heating and cooling needs of your home. Usually, they operate at lower speeds, delivering a steady, reliable stream of warm or cool air to your home. This helps control humidity levels, utility costs and system noise. When conditions become more extreme, the fan speed increases so that the system can meet increased demand, guaranteeing that on even the hottest days or coldest nights, your comfort needs will be met.

Why does the air coming from the registers feel cool when my heat pump is set for heating?

While a heat pump is perfectly capable of effectively heating your home, the temperature of the air coming out of the registers confuses some people. The air is heated to about 90 to 95 degrees, depending on the outdoor temperature. This temperature is approximately 20- 25 degrees warmer that the indoor air temperature and will warm your house. It is, however, below body temperature (98.6 degrees) and can feel cool when someone puts their hand in the airflow.

What is the purpose of auxiliary heat?

Under normal operating conditions, the auxiliary heat is brought on automatically by the thermostat when the indoor temperature drops during heat pump operation. There are also times during cold, wet weather when the outdoor coil may ice up and your heat pump will go into a defrost cycle. This is nothing more than reversing the process back to cooling mode. Cooling mode makes the outdoor coil hot and melts any ice. The defrost cycle should only last a few minutes and then return to heating mode. During the defrost cycle, your comfort system is in cooling mode and the supply air is cool. To offset this cool air, the auxiliary heat will be energized during defrost. A mist or fog may be visible from the outdoor unit during defrost.

What do S.E.E.R., A.F.U.E., and H.S.P.F. mean?

S.E.E.R. stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rate. A.F.U.E. stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency and H.S.P.F. stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. These are the most commonly used terms to describe equipment efficiencies. The higher the number, the better.