Air Conditioner Installation & Upgrades

New Air Conditioner Installation in Lancaster, Chester & Berks County PA

The HVAC experts of Vertex Mechanical perform new air conditioning installations throughout Lancaster, Berks, and Chester Counties. A new AC installation is one of the biggest and most in-depth HVAC purchases most homeowners will make. Due to the financial investment and the importance of the system, ensuring the installation is performed properly is essential.

Since our technicians have years of experience with AC installation and stay-up-to-date on the changing technology of the HVAC industry, you can have confidence in your new system installed by Vertex Mechanical. When you trust us for your AC installation, you can rest assured that your new air conditioner was installed properly and will run strong for years to come.

Most homeowners don’t think about it, but their air conditioner is one of the biggest home assets that they have. While it’s true that the average homeowners would rather buy a brand new car, sometimes buying a new AC is a necessity. Learn more about the basics and benefits of new air conditioner installation from Vertex Mechanical.

Check out our ductless mini-splits for air conditioning without a duct system.

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Reasons You May Need a New Air Conditioner

Think that air conditioning is an optional luxury? Then imagine facing down a week or more of boiling hot summer days without it! Your air conditioner does an essential job to ensure your house remains comfortable and even safe during the hottest months of the year.

Air conditioners do a tough job, day-in-and-day-out. However, they aren’t built to last forever. While you can reasonably expect to get more than a decade of reliable service form your air conditioning unit, the time will come when it requires replacement, for one reason or another.

Vertex Mechanical is one of the main Lancaster County air conditioner installation teams. Here are the most common reasons homeowners choose to upgrade their air conditioning:

  • The air conditioner is broken and will cost too much to fix — In cases like this, air conditioning repair
    is so costly that the homeowners opt to put the money towards a down payment on a new system instead.
  • The air conditioner keeps having minor issues — In cases like this, the air conditioning system needs continual maintenance, which prevents it from working dependably. The homeowners feel like they can no longer rely on the system to keep them cool and comfortable.
  • The air conditioner uses the soon-to-be-banned refrigerant R-22 — A common reason that homeowners are upgrading their systems is to get caught up with the government ban on R-22 refrigerant, the main refrigerant used in older systems. Learn more about the R-22 ban right here.
  • The air conditioner is energy inefficient — Older air conditioners are far less energy efficient than today’s modern systems. If you have an inefficient system, you pay for it every month when your energy bill comes in the mail. Depending on how inefficient your system is, an upgrade can pay for itself in a matter of years.

Air Conditioner Installation Benefits

An air conditioner installation from Vertex Mechanical brings a whole host of benefits with it. While it might not get your heart racing the same way a new car will, it’s a smart choice that many Lancaster County homeowners are glad that they made.

Here are some of the benefits homeowners enjoy following an AC installation:

  • Reliable air conditioning performance — You’ll be able to count on your new air conditioner, no matter how hot it is and no matter how long you need it to run. This peace-of-mind can feel amazing if you’ve been previously dealing with an unreliable system.
  • Lower cooling bills — Your new energy-efficient AC will be good for the environment and for your wallet.
  • No R-22 issues — Since all new systems use the preferred 410-A refrigerant, you’ll already have upgraded and won’t need to worry about that hassle.

New Air Conditioner Installation Experts

Vertex Mechanical has a reputation as the Lancaster air conditioning company to know. We perform a wide variety of HVAC services, including expert new air conditioner installation.

Our experienced AC installation teams have years of experience in the industry. However, our teams don’t work on commission and they don’t use high-pressure sales tactics to try to get you to buy more than you need. We’re a local Lancaster County company — not a national chain. All we do is ensure you get the new air conditioner and all of the HVAC service you need.