Building Greatness: Why Choose Vertex?

What Makes Our Company Different

I get asked all the time: “What makes your company different than all the others?” I suppose that type of question comes with the territory of being a business owner. The answer is relatively simple — we are “Better.” But let’s face it, that answer is not getting it done. In fact, I would say that it is a relatively lame answer. So, how about I dig into this a little and define what makes Vertex truly better.

Better for Our Team

As the owner, I understand that my success is defined by my team. The Vertex Mechanical team extends all the way from my receptionist to my most expert technician, and everyone on the team understands their role as a teammate not as an individual. This key mentality results in an incredible work environment where we love what we do. Because we have people that love their jobs, they in many cases take it upon themselves to find ways to improve what they do each day.

So far, we talked about all the good stuff. But what about when mistakes happen? Everyone makes mistakes, and because of our incredible culture, we openly talk about them together for the purpose of learning from our mistakes. Our guys want to know when they did something wrong, so they don’t repeat the mistake. We talk about the issues without anyone taking offense or getting upset, which is important to keep learning and getting better. When we make a mistake, we own up, and that does sometimes result in providing free service to the customer to rectify the issue at hand — no matter what it is.

The strength of our team culture is what, in turn, provides an unmatched customer experience. This is why I take my role in managing our culture as seriously as I do. This brings me to my next point: what makes Vertex Mechanical better for our customers.

Better for Our Customers

We believe in long-term relationships with our customers. This immediately changes how we look at things. We want customers who meet us for the first time to feel what our veteran customers feel like each time they call, trust. We are coming into your home, with your family, and we know that means something. Our techs understand that real trust is something earned, and they work hard to gain that trust, so you can feel confident in them and the service they are providing. My techs put themselves in your shoes, and treat you like family. In addition, they understand all aspects of your home’s mechanical systems, and how it impacts you and your family. Going above and beyond, they will help you better understand your systems and the important signs to notice as a way to prevent major failures.

Let’s face it, we are in an industry where anything can happen. Most of the time we experience the greatness of who we are and get to hear the positive feedback given by our incredible customers — we absolutely love that! But when things don’t go as planned, and we didn’t meet our customer’s expectations, this is our opportunity to still have that customer love us. Everyone wants to be fairly treated, and when we don’t quite get there, our integrity is defined at that moment in how things are handled. Our team fully understands this, and there is even more opportunity to gain a higher level of confidence from our customers when we own up and make the proper corrections.

Simply put, we love what we do and who we work for, and because of all of this, we feel we are better. See the Vertex Mechanical difference for yourself — start the conversation today!

Vince Youndt
President, Vertex Mechanical