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Harness Geothermal Power

Did you know residents of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania possess an amazing source of potential heating and cooling power right at their feet? A geothermal heating and cooling system utilizes the power of the Earth very effectively.

One of these energy-efficient systems provides warmth on cold days and helps power refreshing air conditioning during hot weather. Ask Vertex Mechanical, Inc. to perform geothermal installation for you soon. A geothermal system could help reduce high monthly energy bills!

Geothermal Installers in PA

As geothermal installers in PA, the skilled technicians from Vertex Mechanical, Inc. possess extensive experience installing green geothermal heating and cooling systems. When you request our services, we'll visit your home and evaluate the suitability of your real estate as a site for the installation of a new geothermal heating and cooling system. Most locations in our area permit the use of this technology.

Essentially, a geothermal heating and cooling system relies upon the fact the ground in most locations in our area remains at a constant 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, even during extremely cold or hot weather. A geothermal installation consists of a series of sealed pipes running beneath the lawn in a loop formation connected to a geothermal exchange unit. The system can furnish warmth to a home during wintertime and assist air conditioning during hot weather. It operates very economically in most cases!

Reducing Utility Bills with Geothermal Installation

How much can you expect to save on monthly utility bills by requesting the service of geothermal installers in PA? Although individual homeowners obtain varying results based on location and the time of year, a typical household can save upwards of 65-70% on utility bills by using one of these green heating and cooling systems.

This technology has improved significantly in recent years. Today, geothermal power represents a very smart choice for many residents of Lancaster County!

Environmentally Responsible Heating and Cooling

You'll gain the satisfaction of supporting an environmentally responsible way to obtain reliable residential heating and cooling when you decide to invest in one of these systems, too! As a sustainable energy technology, geothermal in Lancaster PA helps conserve valuable natural resources.

The sealed loop system we install underground is maintenance free and does not require the constant addition of water in order to continue to help generate warmth and cooling. We can construct several different types of loop configurations, depending upon the terrain.

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To explore how a new geothermal system might help enhance your home’s heating and cooling, contact an experienced HVAC company like Vertex Mechanical, Inc. Call now at at 717-335-2633 to enjoy lower utility bills in the future!


Can One System Provide Both Space Heating And Cooling For My Home?

Yes. A GSHP (ground source heat pump) can be a combination heating/cooling and hot water heating system. You can change from one mode to another with a simple flick on you indoor thermostat. Using a desuperheater, some GSHPs can save you up to 50% on your water heating bill by preheating tank water.

How Much Space Does A GSHP Require?

Most of a GSHP installation is underground. Inside the house, the heat pump units are about the same size as a traditional heating and cooling unit.

How Long Will My GHSP System Last?

GHSPs are durable and highly reliable. The GSHP contains fewer mechanical components, and all components are either buried in the ground or located inside the home, which protects them from outside conditions. The underground pipe carries up to a 50 year warranty.

How Noisy Is The GSHP Unit?

GSHPs are very quiet, providing a pleasant environment inside and outside of the home. GSHPs have no noisy fan units to disturb outdoor activities on or near the patio.

What Are The Environmental Benefits Of GSHP Systems?

Currently installed systems are making a huge difference in our environment! The systems are eliminating more than three million tons of carbon dioxide and are the equivalent of taking 650,000 automobiles off the road. GSHP systems conserve energy and because they move heat that already exists rather than burning something to create heat, they reduce the amount of toxic emissions in the atmosphere. They use renewable energy from the sun and because the system doesn't rely on outside air, it keeps the air inside of buildings cleaner and free from pollens, outdoor pollutants, mold spores and other allergens. And most units are using environmentally safe R-410A refrigerants.

Will My Existing Ductwork Function With This System?

Yes, in most cases. Vertex technicians will be able to determine ductwork requirements and if any minor modifications are needed.

Can A GSHP System Be Added To My Fossil Fuel Furnace?

Yes. Called dual systems, they can easily be added to existing furnaces for those wishing to have a dual-fuel heating system. Dual-fuel systems use the GSHP system as the main heating source and a fossil fuel furnace as a supplement in extremely cold weather should additional heat be needed.

What Do S.E.E.R., A.F.U.E., And H.S.P.F. Mean?

S.E.E.R. stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rate. A.F.U.E. stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency and H.S.P.F. stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. These are the most commonly used terms to describe equipment efficiencies. The higher the number, the better.

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Bob and Debbie H., Manheim, PA

After extensive research we chose Vertex Mechanical to install our first geothermal unit in the main house. Our house had 2 additions and was a heating and cooling nightmare for years. We had multiple companies give us bad ideas and high prices. The people at Vertex were different from the very beginning. Our aforementioned nightmare turned into a comfortable paradise. The entire house with all its additions is exactly the temperature it is set for, both summer and winter. Our utility bill fell to one third of what it had been for years.

Manheim, PA
Bob and Debbie H.